Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Day Weekends Make Me Happy!

Now I know I just had the whole summer "off" but now that I am back to work, three day weekends make me so happy.  Even though sometimes I feel like four day weeks take the longest to get through!  After last week, I'm happy to have had the day off.

Friday night I went to happy hour at my friend's house!  We usually reserve the first Friday after the first week for going out after school, but since her husband had a concert to go to, she invited us to her house. It ended up being the best time!  The kids played, we chatted, drank wine, had snacks and chatted some more!

Saturday was a pretty perfect day!!  I had no plans really.  I knew I wanted to go into town but other than that-nothing!  I ran out of fat free half and half for my coffee and wanted to get a coffee at the coffee shop on Main Street.  After I returned my library books, I decided to treat myself to a bagel and a coffee from the bagel store.  I never get bagels!!  I was thinking I would just bring my bagel and coffee home, but ended up eating there. Then I walked in town for a while.  I stopped into a brand new super cute store that just opened Friday.  It's kinda like an Etsy shop right on Main Street!  I'll be going back for sure!

Then I stopped by the cheese shop for my favorite cheese, St. Angel, but they were all out!  I ended up putting my name on the list for them to call me when it comes in because the woman said their last order didn't even last a day!  That's just plain crazy!!  And it's probably crazy, too, that I'm adding my name to lists to be notified about cheese!!  LOL But sometimes a girl's just gotta treat herself!

After that I window-shopped for a bit and headed home.  Before going home I went across to the next section in my complex where they are still building and walked the walking path around.  At the end of the complex, they have three docks spaced out across.  The docks are over a small lake.  The one closest to me definitely had the most sun, so I plopped down for a few minutes. Then I had the idea to go change, grab my beach chair and book and spend some time there.  I could get more hours in the sun sitting there instead of the postage stamp patio, for sure...so that's what I did!!  I ended up being there five hours.  The weather was gorgeous and breezy, so not too hot!!  I sat, read my book a little, and listened to the music of a band playing on the other side of the road.  Ironically they played country.  It was a little muffled but I could make out the songs just fine!  And when they took breaks I google-played it!

I didn't see anyone for quite awhile.  Then my neighbor walked up and scared the bloody crap outta me!  But I would have to say in those 5 hours, about 4 hours and 45 minutes worth, I didn't see another soul!  It was so peaceful.  I wondered why I hadn't been coming here all summer!

A few pics of the dock area!
This gives you an idea of how big (or little!) it is!

Just below it

These two I posted on insta that day!
#katiedaily2015 Day 248

It really was a beautiful day!!  After my day on the dock, I was tired.  So I just spent a quiet Saturday night in watching the Notre Dame game and drinking wine.

Sunday was the last summer BBQ at my sister's house.  And guess what?  There were finally burgers and dogs!!  HA!!  Every BBQ this summer we've had fish and chicken, which are great!  But sometimes you just need a big, yummy, juicy burger!!  And my brother-in-law made them from scratch...So Good!!  It was a beautiful day!  It stinks that now being September we lose the sun earlier!  But I actually spent most of the day under the umbrella to be honest!!
It was a nice casual day to close out the summer.

Monday, being my Sunday, I ended up doing some laundry, did after care work, and lesson plans for the week.  I also laid out for what I think is going to be the last time. #insertsadefacehere  I was able to get about 2 hours in which was good! So long SUMMER!...what a bummer!!!

Last night some of us went to dinner because my Uncle was visiting.  I was glad to see him and happy we went to a restaurant on the water in my town!   I also got the chance to see my mom and dad one last time before they go back down to Florida for a few months!  Dinner was good time.  I got home rather early but ended up going to bed after 12:30...and falling asleep after 1.  What the heck??

Oh I did watch the finale of Bachelor in Paradise though.  Did anyone else?  I am happy Jade and Tanner are engaged, but am still so upset about Carly and Kirk.  I really don't think he wanted to break up with her!  I think he just wanted to slow it down.  But he did that all kinds of wrong.  I don't think she'll have a problem getting a date!  Him on the other hand...

Today it's Tuesday and the first day of After Care, so it's my late day!  Looking forward to my wine and leftover pasta from last night when I get home!!  When you live this Solitary Life, it's  the little things!

And I am so excited for tomorrow!!!  Come on back...

The Blended Blog is OFFICIALLY launching!!  
It's the collective blog of the "former" Style Me Bloggers. We will be posting on a wide variety of topics and featuring guest posts from other bloggers as well. We can't wait to share our ideas, talents and thoughts with you all!   And HUGE HUGS and THANKS to our fearless leader, Deena who has been doing all the behind the scenes work to get it up and running!! 

See you tomorrow!!

Hope you all had a relaxing holiday weekend, too!!

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  1. Military Husband would like you. He's a big Notre Dame fan.
    Ahh Bachelor in Paradise! I will miss it! I still can't believe freaking Samantha ended up still on the show at the end. Mirror mirror on the wall, she was the shadiest of all! It was so laughable. But, I do think Jade and Tanner will get married...soon....and probably outlast quite a few of the couples from the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I think he's truly smitten with her. Let's hope she is ok with living in Kansas City instead of L.A.

  2. Yay Blended Blog!!!!!!
    Looks like a great weekend by all accounts!! I agree, 3 day weekends are the best. I'm not even working right now but I love them still because that means Brent is home with us an extra day :)
    I was so surprised about Carly and Kirk but YAY Tanner and Jade! I always liked Jade, she seemed like one of the more normal/realistic people on the show

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to check out the Blended Blog! :)

  4. Fun weekend! I was just telling my husband today that every weekend should be three days. We should start a petition or something. So excited for TBB launch!

  5. I love BinP...as ridiculous as it is. Also, I can't stand Samantha. She looks like a skinny Cruella Deville.

  6. Good refreshing weekend for you girl! I didn't watch the Bachelor show so um :)

  7. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Oddly enough, mine was out in the sun too: Mornington half-marathon. It's a seaside town with a number of second-hand book stores, which I love - I was gutted, though, that I couldn't find any I wanted to buy!

  8. What a packed and fun filled weekend! Looks like great weather too. Not gunna lie, I love burgers and dogs. YUM!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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