Friday, September 11, 2015

YAY for Friday!!

UGH...what a week!!  I just can't get into this school year!  It's been really's been in the 90's, I've sweat so much I've lost three pounds and I'm really not liking people!!  I am admittedly a grump!!  Now that it's school and I have to be at work, I just want it to just be Fall already. Bring on the cooler temps!!

But even in the worst weeks, there's still something to smile about!  Here's five faves...

My most favorite thing that happened this week??
The Blended Blog! went LIVE on Wednesday!   Find out more about it here! I can't wait to start contributing to posts!  We have lots of fun in store... Join us!!

Another one of my absolute faves of this week, was the day I spent on Saturday...DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  Woo hoo...I wrote about it here!

Been loving my Tervis cups this week!  I got a few in Florida while visiting my parents in May. If you are a follower on instagram, you know I've had issues with bugs landing in my drinks while I sat outside.  Well duh! Why haven't I been using my Tervis cups more?? They're awesome... they keep cold things cold and hot drinks hot, and with the tops on, bugs outta my wine!! Here's one of my faves!

I got a Stitch Fix on Wednesday!  I don't get them very often but I was really happy with my fix this time!  I ended up keeping two of the five items, but did love everything.  Two of the other items were too similar to things already in my closet to justify the keep, and the third item, while I did love it, it was a petite top, so I didn't love the fit!  I am petite in pants only!! Can't wait for you to see the first thing I kept on  Monday.  The Blended Blog is having a Blog Hop and I am joining!  Come on back for that!

Today is September 11th...hard to believe it's been 14 years since our world was changed forever!  As a New Yorker, this day holds such significance.  It's hard for me to fathom, that these young kids I teach only know about September 11th via the history books!  And while this day will never ever be a favorite anything, I thought I'd share this picture of my sister and I.  Because it certainly is one of my favorite photos ever!
This was us...on top of the World Trade Center on August 16th, 2001.  
And the funny thing was...we weren't even supposed to be there.  We went into the city for the day to go see the Today Show on the Plaza. YES...we had our 15 minutes of fame!  HA!  (And can I just say Ann Curry was our fave!!)  Then we headed to the World Trade Center.  We went to Windows on the World and listened while Tracy Byrd (a country artist), gave a lunchtime concert.  Following that, we headed to the New York Stock Exchange, where my Brother-in-Law worked.  He wanted to get us on "the floor" but since we were in sneakers and tees, we thought we were too casual!  So instead we headed back to World Trade and decided we'd buy tickets to go all the way to the top.  Because we thought..."really when are we ever going to to have the chance again!?!?  Turns out we never will...less than a month later, the towers fell!
My sister and I were not together on September 11th.  But I am forever grateful we had this day weeks before.  Much like the events of September 11th,  it's a day that neither one of us will ever forget!!

Today I hope you get to spend the day in the company of those you love. I'll be doing the same...and saying a prayer for the thousands who lost their lives that day and the families who miss them!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Days of doing nothing are sometimes the absolute best! Glad you got in a good relaxing day!
    Love that wine tervis tumbler! I need to follow you on insta. Going to look for you now :)

  2. I have loved all your wine posts this week!

  3. OK...two things...yeah for doing nothing and I must get that Tervis now! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Katie that's a great WTC memory from before the attack. I need to get you on my IG why have I not done that yet?!?!?! And I am with you, school is in, I'm stuck inside all day, I need cooler temps to be OK with that. You rock!!! Amanda

  5. I'm interested to see what you kept from your latest Stitch Fix. I finally signed up and should be getting my first fix next week. I'm so excited! :) Have a nice weekend!

  6. lol that cup makes me smile! love it and YAY Blended Blog!


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