Monday, September 7, 2015

Monthly Rewind: August in numbers!

August has come and gone!!  WHAT?!?!  Well that's just...BLAH!!!

Linking up with Deena today for her Monthly numbers post! 

Here's my August in Numbers...

With the exception of two weekends, it was a relatively quiet month for me!  Basically I soaked up as much summer as I could!  Lazy days in the sun!  I read a few books, went to one kick-ass Kenny concert, celebrated Happy Heart Day, had a mini family reunion and spent lots of fun days with friends! And again...I ate out A 20 meals out!!

A few more notables:

3 days spent with cousins!  (I'm so sad I never blogged this!)

2 books read...and one that I gave up on!  Loved them both. I don't know why but I bawled at the end of each of them!!  That is a sign of a great book!! Highly recommend both!!  The Nightingale took me a while but I read An Invisible Thread over two days!  The Nightingale was my first Kristin Hannah book but I will definitely be reading more by her.  An Invisible Thread was an engaging memoir! LOVED!! I started Me Before You at the very end of August and finished it a few days later, so 'm saving that one for September numbers!

1 Alive after Five attended.  Was happy to finally make one of these this summer!  I mentioned here that I wanted to go to more.  But it actually worked out that I had previous plans on all the other dates!  I had a great time and even got myself a t-shirt!

August was a big month on the blog and across my social media!

I posted to the blog 18 times in August

The blog hit 50K views(and then some)!  My 100th post of 2015 was published in August and my 250th post on the blog overall.

The most viewed post on the blog in August: Five on Friday! 8/28/2015

I also reached 200 followers on instagram in August!
And posted 47 pics (and blog reminders)!!

Thanks to my friend Military Wife and Pug Life, I added a bunch of members to the blog via Blogger/Google Plus!!  Thanks girl!!  I have to start using and understanding Google Plus more!!  If I'm honest that's the social media outlet I am least familiar with, but it's also the most I have to get on that!!!

The Facebook Page hasn't gained many followers but it's had a high post reach and lots of clicks! And was actually the highest traffic source for the blog!! Feel free to share the page with friends!!  :)

The most popular post on Facebook in August:  High School Me

Hope you all had a great August and are finding yourselves swell in September!
Enjoy Labor Day!


  1. Yay so glad you got more followers because of me!

  2. Am I so 1800's if I don't understand or know what Google + is?? I seriously have no idea!!! lol! Sounds like a fun month, girl!! I will have to check out those books!! XOXOXO

  3. Military Wife is da bomb! I enjoyed your August posts girlfriend! I cannot wait for another month of fun with Katie!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. I agree....I don't understand Google + either and also, I quite enjoy Military Pug Wife...très funny. Thanks for linking up!!

  5. So I'm not the only one who doesn't get Google +?! :)

  6. I can't believe August is over either. Will add these books to my list!

  7. Congratulations on all of your blog milestones and great numbers. I didn't link up because I was so disappointed with my month. September will be better. Sending Anne Frank your way today. XO


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