Friday, October 23, 2015

A Fall Five

It was another quiet week for me...saw no one but my co-workers!  HA!!  But there's always something to reflect on.  And this week's five have a pretty fall-y theme!!  So here goes...

First things first!  My very favorite thing this week...
My very first post over at The Blended Blog!  Woo hoo!!  Check it out here

A few posts ago, I declared October my very own #ShopSmall month.  I've been doing well with that.  I've bought a few things from small online boutiques and this past Saturday purchased a custom sign from a cute little shop on Main Street in town that's being made as I type...I see it being a Friday fave next week!  HA!  This dress I got from @poshmygosh is definitely a new fall fave!

Speaking of my Main Steet, this past week on Main Street in my town was the annual Fall Festival.  Fun for the whole family...or a party of one such as myself!  One fun thing they have there is a chowder and chili contest amongst all the restaurants/establishments on Main Street.  For $5, you got 15 tickets to try the 15 different chilis and chowders in the contest.  Last year I went to the festival and was told about the contest too late, so when I went to some, I missed out.  This year I was prepared!!  I went right at noon, got myself some tickets and started sampling.  One thing I will say...15 is a lot!!  I think I made it through 9 or ten (and offered  the rest of my tickets to other people I met along the way)  Still a pretty great feat!!  All in all, it was a great day!  I did end up seeing a lot of school parents, but that's inevitable!  And I got a hug from a Super Hott Dad, so my day was made! LOL...Solitary Life People...Solitary Life!!  This was my ballot!

Another fun thing I got in the mail this week was my very first Pop Sugar Must have Box.  it's one of those monthly subscription boxes.  I saw it advertised on my FB page and saw that the new Mindy Kaling book was in it, so I thought I'd try it.  Super fun things in it.  Loved these Slipper Socks and the Belgian Boys StroopWaffel!
The other night I got cozy in my slipper socks and with my cup of coffee and read!  I'm loving the book...she's so funny!!  I need to get her first book!

Another fun fall thing I received in the mail this week was this!
Super Cute right?!? It's from Barn Owl Primitives.  I've bought a number of signs from them in the past and alway love what I receive!  Highly recommend!!

I suppose it was a really great mail week, huh?!?!  Have a fabulous fall weekend!!  And thanks for being a friend to the blog!!  It is so appreciated!!


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  1. love that sign, so awesome!! YAY for Blended Blogs posts, you nailed it!!

  2. Hugs from super hot dads are definitely blog worthy :)
    Sounds like a pretty cool week to me. I adore that dress!

  3. What a fun five. Your town sounds so awesome!!!

  4. I just finished the new Mindy Kaling book! Love her! A chowder/chili fest sounds like so much fun! Yum! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link-up!

  5. Sounds like a great week to me! You look HOT in that tunic dress!!! I love, love it!!!! XOXOXO


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