Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September...in Numbers!

September was a downright low-key month!  Being back at work I was feeling...meh and in a bit of a rut!  But I'm linking up with one of my faves, Deena for her Monthly Numbers Link up!

My September...in numbers!!

I worked a lot and watched lots of TV.  I didn't blog much!  Only 14 times this month...

I finished one book over Labor Day weekend, Me Before You, which I LOVED, but with so much working and trying to get my act together this new school year, haven't read since.  I have two books on tap though!  So I'm hoping with the holiday weekend coming up I can make it a priority.(I said the same thing this past weekend but watched movies instead!)  I had wanted to read a bit each night before bed, but ever since finishing Me Before You, I haven't!

Finished up the book on a beautiful day at the dock on Labor Day weekend!

Being home so much in September, I cooked a lot but only got one Hello Fresh delivery.  The meals were super yummy!  And after eating out so much throughout the summer months, only ate out 4 times in September!   2 for SUSHI, one family dinner and totally impromptu lunch with a friend!

1 final summer BBQ... And guess what?!? There were finally burgers!  HA!  Read about it here!

1 birthday celebrated...My niece Lauren turned ten!  My sister had a little dinner for her, so I went.  Where I enjoyed my sister's home cooking!  Penne ala Vodka!  So good!!
My Sister ROCKED that rainbow frosting!!

1 movie seen: St. Vincent....super cute!!  In the end, I bawled like a baby!!

13 episodes,  of Bloodline watched.

4 new shows watched during premiere week...Blindspot, Scream Queens, Blood & Oil and Quantico. Quantico's the only one I was excited to see a second episode of!

2 shows I've given up on! Empire and SVU...SVU kinda kills me because I have seen every single episode but I've just been bored with it!

8 days of packages at my front door!  Woo Hoo! I received a Stitch Fix this month and treated myself to some goodies from Nordstrom, Old Navy and Gap!  I also returned some things though!

And just for fun....4 pumpkin ales consumed!  :)

September Blog Stats:
14 posts
Most viewed post of the month: Teacher Week: Sanity Savers!
38 insta pics (and blog post reminders) posted. Follow me here!
Post with the most reach on The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life Facebook page:  Teacher Week: Sanity Savers!

I can already tell that this month I'm gonna do better at blogging, so I hope you'll come on back soon!!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. 4 pumpkin ales yay!!!! I want to read Me Before You...maybe I'll grab it after this week. I'm reading Copper Sun with the freshman this week....crying my eyes out. <3 ya!

  2. Love this idea--what a fun way to recap your month! I fell off of the reading train this past month too, but thankfully am getting back to more reading. Bloodlines was so good wasn't it??

  3. Ahhh...pumpkin ale! I'd take that over a Pumpkin Spice latte any day! LOL! Love your recaps!! XOXO

  4. Yay, thanks for linking up! I love that you got so many packages delivered this month!

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  6. I used to watch SVU too but I stopped watching when Stabler left. I think shows are all about the connection you make with the actors.

  7. We used to watch SVU too, but gave it up last year, for the same thing, sometimes I miss it, but we just got over it. Have you seen The Player? It's on Thursdays after Blacklist, you have to check it out. We really liked the first episode.

  8. We loved St. Vincent too. Such a sweet tear jerker!

  9. pumpkin ale?? was it good?
    I think 14 posts is pretty good for a month!

  10. Pumpkin ale!!! That can make even the meh, bleh, yucky week better.


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