Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!  When I was little, I was all about Halloween.  I rocked some super cute costumes too!  I was a clown (my first costume ever, I think!),  Rose Petal (a fave), a Care Bear, a witch, and countless other things over the years.

These days I'm content just watching the kiddos have fun!  So I'll just be handing out the candy and admiring the costumes today...wishing this was acceptable!

If you are headed out with your kids, have a great day and be safe!  Or if you're dressing up and headed to a party tonight, I want to know what you're going as!!  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Haha I usually dress up every year!!'s raining horribly here and Military Husband is in the hospital again. So no costume. Boo!! I feel like a fail.

  2. Bought my costume and had big plans for makeup and then realized I wasn't working yesterday and had nowhere to dress up for today. Do you dress up to hand out candy? We enjoyed a nice Halloween soak in the hot tub. XO

  3. we really should do a Halloween for adults where we go door-to-door and get wine. I'd be down for that.


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