Monday, November 2, 2015

October in Numbers....

Every month I promise myself I will be better at tracking my happenings for this post.  And every month, I break that promise to myself! Truth be told, it was a light month...I quite lived up to my Solitary Status!  I did do a couple things worth hootin' and hollerin' about though, so I'm linking up with Deena today!

1 Pumpkin Spice Latte consumed!  My very first one ever...on October 30th! HA!

1 5-day Fall Crockpot Challenge completed!  Awesome meals that were easy to prepare and super delish!

Part of that challenge meant, no coffee or alcohol!!  So I went 5 days with no coffee at all and 5 days without wine.
I posted this photo on my Instagram the night before the challenge started!!  It represented my heart breaking...

The whole challenge had me eating cleaner most of October because I had so many leftovers.  And the number of bottles of water I consumed this month....I calculated it to be around 84.  The goal of the challenge was to drink half your body weight in water each day.  For me that was four bottles...most days I drank 6 and have kept that up!  Water keeps me full and grabbing for less.

I also got one Hello Fresh delivery, so more healthy, yummy meals!

I did indulge in 3 W.F. Crisp (aka-my boyfriend!) World's Finest chocolate bars, from our school before the Crockpot challenge, and two after....but one was the only thing I ate all day one day, does that count??  Oh and one bag of Ketchup chips!  {Thanks for my sweet surprise Deena!}

One massage!  On Columbus Day, my friend and I got massages for our day off.  So relaxing.  Have to get another one this month!
4 days of hurt following that....hahahaha

Out of the 5 weekends in October, I only had something going on 3 of them.  One Sunday my sister and her family came for a visit, I had lunch one Saturday with my sister in town and went to dinner that same day for my besties 35th!

I also got 1 new kitchen table this month...YAY!  So now I have two...but I am calling my old one a desk! HA!
My Kitchen Table movers!!

On the weekend of the 17th was my town's Fall Festival.  It ended up being one RANDOM day, but so fun! I tried 9 chilis and chowders during the chili and chowder contest and drank 4 (maybe 6?) pumpkin only beers in October.
This was my ballot
I declared October my very own #ShopSmall month.  I did good with that I placed 5 orders from online boutiques Posh My Gosh, Piper Street and Barn Owl Primitives,  and supported my town's local businesses during the Fall Festival.

The remainder of the weekends, I really just laid low.  I had a rainy movie day, where I watched three movies.

Oddly enough,  I didn't  watch much TV at all this  month. My DVR is full, but I kinda wanna just delete it all!  I have been listening to music on my Chromecast instead.  Check out what's on my playlist these days {here}

The Blog in Numbers....
I had a lot of issues with my internet and computer this month, so as a result, I didn't blog much. Only 11 times this month!
The top viewed post in October was this Friday Post.
The top  post on The Mishaps and Mayhem of Solitary Life Facebook Page was My September in Numbers blog.

I did have my first ever post as contributor at The Blended Blog in October!!  Check it out here!
Stayed tuned for more from me on TBB soon!!

Until Next month...have a thankful November!!


  1. Yay.
    Omg Worlds Finest Chocolate are evil.....

    1. Agreed!! So far in the month of November, I've been able to resist!! HA!

  2. Thanks for linking up! Great movie choices, I am dying for a curl up on the couch and ignore my corrections day.

  3. I made the Fall Sangria you shared on TBB this weekend for our football brunch. It was a big hit!! Thanks! :)

  4. Sounds like a good low key month! Enjoy November girl!!!!

  5. 5 days without wine?! yikes
    I need some new crockpot recipes

  6. I didn't give up coffee but proud of you for giving up coffee and wine. You go girl!

  7. Can I just tell you how PROUD of am of you for giving up coffee and wine for a week?? Seriously, that is NOT easy!!! But every once in awhile your body needs a little detox :) I loved having you in the Crockpot group and so happy you had lots of food and yummy leftovers!!!! I have to say, it's 2:00pm and that glass of wine above is making me thirsty...

  8. I am impressed about giving up coffee for 5 days. Good for you.

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