Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday is FINALLY here!!

YAY!!  Finally...did anyone think this was a pretty SLOW week?!?    But Friday's here...WOOOO  HOOOO, so on with the show!!  Five things friday....I'm focusing on the good...

//ONE//  This past weekend was a doozy!!  Friendsgiving was celebrated on Saturday and Fakesgiving Thanksgiving with my mom and dad, on Sunday!!  Check out my recaps of both here and here!

//TWO//  Because this weekend was so crazy, I thought I'd give myself the day on Monday!  So I took off and had my mom and dad over for a few hours.  Dad did some work around the house and mom put up my Christmas tree...YAY!!  So right now my house might just be a hybrid of Thanksgiving and Christmas!! (The peapod guy enjoyed it...LOL)

//THREE//  Have you heard Adele's words on body image?? Read it here! Go her, right?!?  I read about the article on brit+co and then saw this video after.  This lady is knockin' out the hits!  I didn't cry when I heard Hello, like so many others did, but I kinda shed a tear after this one!!  I think it was the line about getting older....

//FOUR//  I just finished this yesterday and am giddy about how it came out, I just had to share it!!
Last year at this time I picked up this lesson from Teachers Pay Teachers...and never used it!  This year I was able to.  We read The Gratitude Tree as a class in library, then for the checkout assignment, we wrote what we were grateful for on leaves.  I love this lesson.  It's great for a variety of grade levels, perfect for library!

//FIVE//  And in a tough week that has seen political debate, countries on edge and people divided, I thought I'd share my favorite feel good story!  A video of special ed teacher, Chris Ulmer,  praising his students, has been all over the web.  Having CP myself and being an aunt to 2 girls with special needs, I wish I could shake this guy's hand!  What a great role model.  He and his students will change the world! Take a moment to watch the video and all the sweet videos on his facebook page, Special Books by Special Kids!  It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!  I look forward to following their journey!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. I can't wait to listen to Adele's new album today!

  2. I love that bulletin board! Happy Friday!

  3. Happy Friday!

    We'll be decorating our house for Christmas next week. I'm excited.

  4. I hadn't seen the video of Chris Ulmer. Thanks for sharing it. Very encouraging, very encouraging!

  5. Enjoyed the video and the closing quote about a kind word changing the world.


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