Friday, November 13, 2015

A Friday Five...with a theme!

Friday ...YAY! I swear the weeks with a day off feel like the longest ever. Anyone agree?!? I spent a lot of time online this week actually so I thought I'd switch this up a bit and share some faves I saw while scoping out the World Wide Web!!

{ONE} Tuesday being Veteran's Day, there was so much great stuff floating around! From quotes and stories, to videos and even hash tags to raise money for Vets. This video was one of my favorites! Very moving, considering every other time we see baggage handlers they are being way to hard on the baggage, in my opinion!  And this is my favorite patriotic song!!

{TWO}  My 7th and 8th Grade technology classes have created their own websites on Weebly for Education. I am so excited with how they are coming out! The 7th grade girls, especially, are super into it and taking great pride in their sites. They have sites about recipes, fashion, crafting, DIY and everything in between. I am having so much fun perusing them all this week!

{THREE}  I am over this Red Cup debacle and can't even believe all the press it's getting but I think Austin Blood summed it all up perfectly!! Check out what he said about it {here}.

{FOUR}  I am so excited for this weekend. It's thanksgiving weekend around these parts. Saturday is Friendsgiving and Sunday is Thanksgiving with my mom and dad, who won't be with us on the actual holiday! For Friendsgiving at my house, I sent these really cute evites....that unfortunately my friends didn't receive! (grrrr...) but I was so happy when I saw evite promoting Friendsgiving!!

{FIVE}  Yesterday for Thankful Thursday I talked about how, I'm grateful I can make people laugh! This video had me laughing a lot this week when I saw it on Facebook, so I'll leave you with it! Hope it gets you laughing right into the weekend!!

One more thing before I go!  I'm SUPER EXCITED to to be the featured blogger on The Blended Blog today!! I'd love for you to head on over and learn a little bit more about me!! 


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  1. Have a great weekend celebrating with friends! I've wanted to do another Friendsgiving for a while now, we did it for two years and then life got in the way...not more, next year we'll all in!

  2. We are having a Friendsgiving this year too with my ladies group. It's our first one ever and I'm so excited about it!

  3. Can't wait to hear your followup on your Friendsgiving!

  4. Those baby laughs!!!! Cutest sound ever! Happy Friendsgiving! Can't wait to read about it. :)

  5. Love some laughing babies! Love ya too! Have a great rest of your weekend :)


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