Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sing Along Saturday

This past summer on the day of the Kenny Concert, I did a Six on Saturday post with all my favorite Kenny songs!  Since I'm obsessed with my Google Chromecast lately and have been casting music ever since I got it, I thought I'd do another Sing Along!

You know I'm a country girl at heart, but I've been switching it up lately.  I can cast You Tube videos to my TV and when I just wanna listen uninterrupted for a while (save for those pesky ads!), I've been searching new music mixes!  People put together playlists of hours of music!  Here's some new music I'm loving lately....

This just came out this week!  I first heard it on You Tube and now have been reading everywhere that people are in tears over it.  I wasn't...but it's a great song!!  (I could have done without the F bomb thrown in there but...)  I've been a fan of Adele since the beginning!

I *might* have cried during this one!! Not really sure why...because oddly enough, it makes me wanna dance!  I really like Gwen!

In my Currently post earlier this week, I talked about the band Explosions in the Sky!  I've been listening to this song on repeat all week.  This music is great to have on when working on lesson plans, doing the dishes or blogging!

Please don't unfollow me or never read the blog, based on this next song!!  LOL  If I'm being honest, when I first heard it, I didn't know it was One Direction.  I was cooking dinner and just listening!  C'mon...It's a catchy little tune!

I'll leave you with two cool duets.  This song is not new but listening to country 99% of the time, I'm not up with the music in other genres!  This acoustic version of Shawn Mendes' Stitches is super cool!!  I just love acoustic!!

This next duo, Rad and Kell, you might not have heard about.  I know their music thanks to my cousin who is a close friend of theirs!!  They uploaded an awesome version of  this John Legend/Meghan Trainor song!  They write and sing their own music as well! They have a second EP coming out Tuesday. Really talented!!  Enjoy!!

Hope you found something you can Sing along to this Saturday!!  Have a fabulous day...make it a great one!


  1. Lmao. Hey I listen to some stuff you'd probably hate so it's all good!!

  2. I'm so excited for the new Adele!!!

  3. One Direction? Oh my gahhhh, girl. At least you had some Adele on there lol. Just kidding. I secretly like them too.


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