Sunday, October 18, 2015


It's been a while since I blogged!!  Some weeks just get away from me. But I've missed the blog so...

I figured even though it's a Sunday night, I'd blog a bit.  I'm joining the Currently link up at Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I've read so many Currently posts, but haven't joined in.  Today I thought I would! And maybe, just maybe...I finally figured out how to get my answers on the picture prompts HA!  And any day's a good day for a currently!

Listening: To Explosions in the Sky.  We have a new teacher at school who plays music everyday.  One night after school I heard this song playing and asked him what it was.  I told him it sounded like Saturday Night Lights.  He told me the band was Explosions in the Sky and the song was Your Hand in Mine.  So naturally I came and You Tube'd it (YES that's a thing!!) and guess what the band did the entire movie soundtrack to Friday Night Lights and they've also been on the TV show (aka- one of the best TV series EVER!) So needless to say, I've been listening to them nonstop!!

Loving: My New Marc Jacobs Sunglasses.  I treated myself!!  After seeing how awful and scratched all my sunglasses were after summer, I figured I should now get myself a good pair!  I love them so much, I take selfies in them...LOL!

Thinking: SNOW today....for Serious!  There were snow showers this morning!  That's just CRAZYTOWN!!  Totally NOT ready for that!!  

Wanting: to get motivated!  Every weekend I have all intentions of doing work... getting lessons organized, getting blog post ready for the week, etc.  But I just can't get motivated.  I'm loving fall but think I'm in a Fall Funk!!  Hoping I snap out  of it soon!!  And the weekends just go by too fast!!

Needing: to get my first post for The Blended Blog finished!  I'm really excited for my very first post as contributor of The Blended Blog.  I'll be posting Tuesday!  I have been working on it this weekend and need to get it finished!

Boo-tiful: With the exception of today, these Fall days have been awesome!  When I've been able to I've been sitting out in my rocking chair, just enjoying it!  The sun is still warm and the breeze is perfect toward the end of the day!

That was super fun!  Hope you've had a great Sunday!  It's gonna be a week of blogging, so come on back!  Thanks, as always, for reading ,listening, and indulging me, sweet readers!!


  1. I love those glasses. I don't wear contacts so I have a pair of (expensive) prescription sunshades and don't have the flexibility to just buy pretty ones in the store but those Marc Jacobs ones are a beaut. Enjoy them!

  2. PS. I'm so exited to see my blog on your "favorites" list on the sidebar. You're making my day here!

  3. Fun to see a similar but different kinda Currently post. Love it. Cannot believe you had snow flurries today. My nephew is in Worcester and he had a bit of snow today, too. I am hoping that since we have had a wet-ish summer and fall that maybe we will also see some snow. Valerie and I are working on Dewey lessons, having the kids sort erasers or small items in order to better understand Dewey and how the nonfiction books are arranged. Maybe you could do that, too? I have used mini erasers from Oriental Trading and I have used Halloween candy for the kids to sort in the past. You can use anything, of course! Let me know if you try it or want more info. It is a fun lesson for the kids. XO

  4. Loving you in those Marc Jacobs!! Get it girl!!

  5. Snow and rocking chairs sound wonderful.

  6. Yay, you're back! I missed you! Those sunglasses are great and I'm really looking forward to your post tomorrow. Hope you did lots of testing!

  7. I think I'm in a fall funk too. Love the sunglasses but xnay on that snow, chick! xo Amanda

  8. Love your new sunglasses!

  9. I love your new sunglasses! Can't believe you already saw snow - I'm definitely not ready for winter yet!

  10. I love your new sunglasses! Snow?? Already?? It is still hot here..... and I am going to check out Explosions in the Sky right now! You are my TV soul sister. Friday Night Lights. Best. Show. Ever.

  11. Loving the sunglasses.....we've got to treat ourselves!!
    I'm jelly about the in central Texas, I hardly know what that is;)



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