Friday, October 30, 2015

A Friday Five that came up quick!

Did this week just fly right on by for anyone else??  For me it went super fast, which I guess is a good thing!  It was a quick's a lil recap of some faves!

Happy Birthday Bestie!  
Saturday night I went out to dinner to with my bestie and her family to celebrate her turning 35.  It was a great time!  Originally, I wasn't going to be able to go but I switched thing around so I could make it.  So glad I did!

My new kitchen table! 
Bright and early Sunday morning my brother-in-law's and I went and picked up my new kitchen table.  It fit's it's bigger than the one I had.  Can't wait to have Friendsgiving dinner around it!  And bonus: my old table is now a desk in my guest room!!

Meeting Miss Kacey! 
Monday some teacher friends and I went an met Kacey!  She is the brand new daughter of another teacher friend of ours and fellow blogger friend, Jamie.  I have mentioned Jamie a few times on here.  She blogs over at Living, Loving and Crafting in the Country.  Go check her out to hear about the birth of sweet was wild for poor Jamie.

Last night at school we had our first annual Trunk-or-Treating and school dance.  Has anyone ever heard of this??  It was really cute!!  All the families decorated their trunks and the kids went around and trick-or-treated.  I don't have any pictures, but can I just tell you...the families went all out!!  Those trunks were decked!! It was a safe way to trick or treat and fun for all the kids.  Lucky for the kids, they don't have school tomorrow!  We teachers have a PD Day....#thumbsdown

Speaking of Halloween....
I got a sweet Halloween surprise in the mail from one of my favorite blog friends, Deena!!  She sent me sweet treats from her home in Canada!!  Including these KETCHUP chips!  What?!?  They are so good...why don't we have them here in the states.  The closest thing I compare them to is our Barbeque chips!  And they pair perfectly with wine!!  :)

Who's looking forward to Halloween??  I'm not all that into Halloween.  I enjoy seeing my nieces and nephews and the students in costume, but I think I could do without it.  Usually, I don't have many trick-or-treaters (actually, last year I think I had none!) but this year with the holiday being on a Saturday, I'm not so sure.  I better get some candy!!  This is the extent of my Halloween decorating and my thoughts on the subject...

Have a fun one and a great weekend!!  Don't forget....we get an extra hour this weekend!  WooHoo!!


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  1. Yes! Trunk or treat is huge here!
    And I love that sign!

  2. Trunk or treat is such an awesome concept! We participated in our church's trunk or treat last year and it was so fun seeing all the kiddos dressed up! But what a fun idea to do it for a school!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. I'm so excited for the extra hour! Aren't ketchup chips yummy? We need to start a petition to get them down here :)! Have a great weekend!


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