Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week: Sanity Savers

It's been a super busy and hectic first two days of the school but I'm hoppin' on board once again to link up for Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!

Today's topic: and tricks to make work life easier! 

This...before work!                                                                                     and this...after work!!


Now on to the topic at hand....

For me and I think lots of teachers first and foremost, STAY ORGANIZED!  Aside from a lesson planner I keep a regular planner.  Last year my planner was actually a student planner (this year, too come to think of it!).  HA!  (One of these days I'll bite the bullet and get one of those really awesome ones!)  Even though I'm the tech teacher, I don't keep things on the calendar on my phone.  I like to write things down and check things off!  I even highlight school events, home events and even blog posts, in different colors.  It helps me stay on top of things!! I also have lots of post-its in my planner for things that I want to remember of things that come up on the fly.

Another thing that has helped me tremendously is using Dropbox.  Many of you might already use this!  But I just love it.  Teaching both Library and Technology I am often in two different rooms throughout the day! Dropbox allows you to save documents to a central location.  But you can connect your account to different computers.  I use three different computers at work, as well as my home computer and can save all the docs from any of those to use at anytime.  I feel like I am not explaining it well!  HA!!  Find out more here.  It's quicker than putting your USB drive in and pulling up documents, especially with kids waiting!  And I sometimes lose USB drives, so for me, this is more convenient!

Lots of times there are days when the kids are driving me absolutely crazy, or a class just didn't go well, and I'm feeling at my wits end!  But other times, it really is the kids who help me stay sane!  I guess this is a plus to teaching library and tech and getting the chance to see so many different students during the school day.  There's always more students who will just turn my day right around.  They tell me about a book they picked up in library and read in a day (and loved!) or I'll hear them say, "This is the best website ever!" These little interactions make me smile!!  Which brings me to my last sanity saver....

Laugh...Just laugh!!  I mentioned on Monday that I laugh everyday.  It really does help!!  I don't let to much get to me!  And I feel like teaching these days is so stressful...with the common core, teacher evaluations, and the like, you have to have a sense of humor!

Can't wait to read about what keeps you sane during the work week!

Have a great day,


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    1. If laughter is it we are right on track here!

  2. How many ounces is that wine glass you like?

  3. Love using Dropbox! It's saved me many a time.

  4. Love the before/after work pics! haha! :) And your last tip is the best!!! So true!!

  5. I feel like if I were given this title as a blog post, I would have wrote the exact same thing! I use all those things daily: laughter, coffee, dropbox and wine!

  6. ok, tell the truth - how much wine did you consume to make it through the week?


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