Friday, September 4, 2015

We survived the first week back!!

YAY!!  Friday is finally here!!  I love summer vacation but now that we are back in school, I enjoy the euphoria that Friday brings!  Ha!  And it's the last installment of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!  I've had a lot of fun linking up this week and sharing the teaching side of ME!!

Today's topic is: 

This is my fourth year teaching Library and Technology at my school.  And to tell you the truth when this position was first brought to me, I thought I'd like teaching the technology classes better! But technology is ever-changing and sometimes it's almost as if I can't keep up!!  

I have just fallen IN LOVE with library! When I was a classroom teacher ELA was my favorite subject to teach, and library is an extension of that.  I love reading the kids' stories.  Seeing the excitement on their faces and asking for books to be read aloud!  I like guiding them to the right books and seeing what they bring me each week.  I love how engaging our book talks can become and the fun craftivities and activities we do to accompany the books we read.  I also enjoy when students tell me they "couldn't put this book down" over the weekend or "I can't wait to read another book by this author."  It just makes my heart happy when children get excited about reading.  I love when the older students ask me for book recommendations and share their favorites with me.  It helps to strengthen our bond.  If I can help even one student develop that lifelong love of reading then my job is done! And I just really love my cozy little library too!! :)

Find some of my favorite books to use in the Library {here}.

I loved linking up this week!!  I didn't get a chance to post each day, but hope to come back to share a tour of my library and technology lab with you soon!!

Happy Friday! Happy Holiday Weekend and Happy First Week(s) of School!!



  1. Aww I bet you are a great library teacher!!

  2. I feel the same about technology. I have to work to keep up with the ever changing ideas and innovations.

  3. I will let you in on a secret....I would love to be a librarian. Wait....Media Specialist I think that's the term we are using down here now.

  4. I think my dream job is to be in the library


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