Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Thursdays...

I just love random Thursdays!  Random posts are so solitary life!  I thought since yesterday was the launch of The Blended Blog and the third anniversary of The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life, I'd keep the celebration going with a second installment of my FAVORITE POST EVER!! You might live a Solitary Life if...

It's sorta like "You might be a redneck if..." but with my own Solitary spin!  Observations on Solitary Life if you will!!

You might live a Solitary Life if....

  • You greatest accomplishment this summer was keeping the orchids alive that students gave you on the last day of school.
  • Wine and Cheese is dinner!
  • You've thought to yourself, "if I only had more spoons, I'd really never have to run the dishwasher"!
  • In your fridge...there's more BEER than FOOD!
  • Your washing machine doubles as a hamper!
  • You thought this was a photo op:
  • And you recognize the wrong in this... #oreofail
  • You only get the mail when you KNOW something's in there!  Who needs to get the mail anymore??  I pay all my bills online!
  • You've legitly cried to your dad on the phone that your Chromecast was an HDMI and NOT a USB like you thought!  (He didn't really wanna hear it...he told me he had to go and pack the car! Florida calls...)
  •  Selfies are all you take these days!
  • You've spent entire days reading and tanning and tanning and reading...and thought it was perhaps THE BEST DAY EVER!
  • You have #TGIT Premiere Night written in your planner and yet it's been days since you've actually turned on the TV!

  • This has been you on a Saturday Night:
  • You spent the last 3 months with  no overhead lights in your bedroom because you can't reach them to change the burnt out light bulbs.  You've thought about calling your dad to bring the tall ladder and change them for you but....that would require a "good"  cleaning of your bedroom...and you're just not up to that!  
  • After 7 hours at a party you've thought to yourself...this is too much people-ing!  I need Wine and my Couch...and nothing else for the next two days! LOL
    lol...I kid! I kid!  
  • And then there's this....

These posts are so my fave!! 

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Hmmm, I think maybe I live the Solitary Life then because I can relate to over half of these! :) Loved this post!

  2. I love wine and cheese!! The cheese goes with wine you know. Wine bottles, that is.

  3. I want to be single again!!!! OK No I don't but I miss all this fun stuff!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


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