Friday, February 5, 2016

First Friday 5 of February

February's First Friday 5! It's been a while since I posted a five, but I'm back at it for February!

Here's are some of my faves from this week!

It's Catholic Schools Week! Even though it's difficult at times, and pays peanuts I'm really proud to be a Catholic School teacher. And this week is one of my favorites of the year. It's so much fun each day and we do a lot of nice things as a school. My favorite is our Spirit Day Pep Rally. My teacher bestie works so hard at putting it together and it comes out great each year. The kids love it...and the game of Teacher Musical Chairs. And I really like 2 dress downs during the week too! :)  Today I'm looking forward to ending it all with a a luncheon set up for the teachers at a nice restaurant in town.

Happy Mail! I've gotten a lots of happy mail this week thanks to my planner stickers from Etsy! If you've read the blog all week, you might be tired of hearing about my planner and stickers! HA!! I also got my copy of Beautiful Uncertainty in the mail, a day early! YAY!!

I thought this was pretty funny when I saw it on Facebook this week posted by Mandatory and shared by The Dusty Parachute! When I shared it on my page, I was Leopard Quesadilla! What would your band name be? Let me know in the comments below!!

This might sound pretty funny, but me doing nothing after work this week was really one of my favorites. Last week I went out three nights after work and spent a good amount of money. So I stayed home this week. I actually didn't have much going on anyway, so I worked out. It's funny how some weeks I have so much and others, nothing!! Lately, I've been going out more during the week and have had quieter weekends! It's a toss up!! But I had two webinars at night and had more time for blogging!

Which brings me to my last favorite...Blogging EVERYDAY!! Woo hoo!! It's a total rare occurrence but I love when it works out and I can blog everyday!!  And I was excited to participate in the “Day in My Life” Blog Hop with the ladies of The Blended Blog!  Check it out!!

Have a great weekend all!!
I'll be back tomorrow with a lil' rewind of the week!

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  1. Cheers to Catholic Schools week...I also love teaching in a Catholic School. I picture yours going K-8?

  2. Happy Catholic Schools week from the Protestant sector LOL! My band name is cracking me up...Coral Avocado Egg English Muffin, LMBO. You enjoy your time of absolutely nothing. If we lived closer we could so hang out doing that and drinking some wine! xoxox Amanda

  3. My band name is the Pastel Pink Tortilla Chip! I'm sure I would sell out tons of concert venues everywhere just based on my epic name!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Hello! Just visiting from High Five for Friday! Your blog is cute! I do also try to blog everyday. It can be challenging!


  5. Yay for having time to blog everyday. For snow days, delayed openings and early releases.


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