Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Teacher Tuesday: The {Things I Say} Edition....

I've been back at school for a while now.  You could probably tell due to my lacking and sporadic blogging lately.  But it's going well.  And, lets be honest...the summer is a distant memory, and I'm counting down the days until Christmas break! A few times during the school year last year, I posted teacher topics on Tuesdays and called it Teacher Tuesday!  Today I'm bringing it back!

Today's Topic:

You know how sometimes, as a teacher, you say things that you never thought would ever come out of your mouth?  Here are some of those things!

"Please don't pick your nose and touch the mouse!" (I thought this was a little harsh after it came out of my mouth a few times, so now I just say "Fingers on the Mouse...not in your mouth!"  ha!

"Please don't have your fingers in your mouth while your taking out a library book...germy sticky fingers make for sick books!"

As a technology teacher for young, sometimes impatient kids, who sometimes don't let their webpages load, I decided I needed a song to stop them from doing this!  It's called "Let it Load".

It goes a little something like this....
Let it Load, Let it Load...
Give the computer time to come onnnnnn!
(Sung to the tune of Let it Go....obviously!!)

Miss Mitchell's going batty!

Teaching every child in the school, I'm bound to get some names wrong.  Oddly enough, I can tell twins apart but mix up other students form totally different classes.

We recently had report card time, and for me this is a very stressful because not only am I entering grades for all of my classes for Grades K through 8, but I am also responsible for storing and printing the cards for my entire school!  And there always seems to be something that goes wrong.

Report card time comes with it';s own set of things I say....mostly under my breath and can't be repeated here!  HA!  I do have a funny to share about what a students said to me after I told her all my comments were positive: She responded, you can't say anything bad we have bonding moments! LOL  This sweet girl is a favorite of mine!

Teaching in a Catholic School there are numerous times, I give it all up to God...I look up up the ceiling ask him for help or just say "Really, God Really?!?"  The kids seem to get the biggest kick out of that!!

I think I may have had a huge teacher fail the other day...so why not share?!?

I see my Pre-K friends in both the library and the lab each week.  Our program is smaller on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and full class of 17 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  I see them once on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which means I have the small group and large group.  Every Tuesday the small group is in the computer lab...clearly it's more manageable!  But in order to be fair and have all the students exposed to the technology side of things, I sometimes have the large group in the lab.  As was the case last week, for Computer Science education Week and the Hour of Code.  During class a little girl asked for help, so I went over to help her and her COMPUTER was not cooperating so I made a grrrr...sound and she looked up at me and said sorry Miss Mitchell!

And right then and there my heart sank....but instead I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and then she started laughing too!  I explained that computers were so silly sometimes and they glitch and that I wasn't frustrated with her but rather the computer!  And then I walked away wanted to crawl into a hole and die.  On that day when the teachers aide cheered when I said it was time to hit the red x and log off, I knew it wasn't our best day but it was over and we'd try again next week!  II'm sure my friend has already forgotten that day Miss Mitchell scared her but I haven't!  And I went home that night and drown my sorrows!

These last two weeks before Christmas break, I'm trying to be more flexible and easy-going, so as not to scare he kids.  But boy is it crazy!  Thank goodness for wine...

Hope you got a little chuckle out of today's post!!

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. omg I have to share this with my teacher friend because I KNOW she can relate. And you're such a sweet and kind heart, I'm sure that little girl forgot the second she joined you in laughter - those kiddos are lucky to have you... and you are lucky to have wine lol

  2. When I was still in the classroom I had a love hate relationship with December. Generally the kids were too wired over the impending holidays to focus but at the same time they were wired over the holidays and ready to do the fun stuff school offers like special crafts and special events during the day. I can tell you I said a blue million never to be repeated things in my head and under my breath then. HA! I do not miss it though. Not one bit!!!

  3. You got this girl! When I taught high school, you can pretty much count on not doing anything that week as it wasn't intensive the finals and all like it is now. I can only picture of looks on your sweet face!

  4. oh goodness, I didn't realize you taught so many. I don't know how you learn everyone's names, that is amazing! So want to come fix my computer, you can grrrr all you want, I won't get scared but will join right in. You're are so sweet.

  5. Awww...I bet you're the sweetest teacher in the school!

  6. Love your song. I need to sing that to myself. I am terribly impatient with my laptop. The very one I am typing to you on. I need to be nicer. Sure all of your students and teachers adore you. A grrrr now and then just makes you human. XO

  7. Amen! I say the weirdest things at school sometimes and really need to start writing them down!


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