Saturday, December 31, 2016

A look back...2016

2017 is almost here!!  How crazy is that??

A blog is a great tool to help aid in reflection over the past year!  I thought today, as the year comes to a close, I'd share some of my favorite moments/posts from this year on the blog!

One of my most favorite posts this year has to be my birthday post, 36 is... where I shared 36 fun facts about me!

Quite possibly my most favorite posts ever  is My Mixed Tape!  The MOST FUN to put together for sure!!  It certainly took me back!!!

When I'm not blogging, I'm teaching!  My Teacher Tuesday posts have been a lot of fun!  This Teacher post was definitely one of my faves!!

2016 found me face to face with some of my bloggy friends, which was tons fun!  In July I had a super impromptu visit with Jenny and in October, Deena came to visit me all the way from Sask!!  I wrote about both their visits here and here!

After a year of so much bad, so much uncertainty in the world, I had a day that restored my faith in good people and kindness, so I blogged about it...and it's one of my faves!  Read it here!

A few more things of note from this year on the blog...

The blog got a new look this year!  It funny, that after it's makeover, I blogged less and less but I love the new look!!
I've linked up lots with my bloggy buddies from The Blended Blog this Year and loved every minute of it!  And I've posted some of my own, posts over there as well!  Check them out here!

New Year's Eve... always a day of reflection and looking back.  A day when you realize all the things you've done this year...and still all the things that have been left undone!

I know this year on the blog has had it's ebbs and flows, but I just want to thank you all...thanks for always reading, commenting and loving the blog!  Tomorrow starts a new year and a new chapter...

Happy New Year!  Here's to a great year for us all!


  1. Happy new year Friend, only 5 more months!

  2. Happy Happy New Year! Can't wait to see you again in May.

  3. Happy new year, sweet Katie. I hope you will continue your Teacher Tuesday posts. And I feel the same way since my blog facelift. I like to look at it but have struggled to write! Things are looking up, though. 2017 is going to ROCK!


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