Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Teacher Tuesday!

The first Teacher Tuesday post of 2017 is here!   I figured since last week was a tough week for me teaching-wise, I'd put together a more fun post as a little reminder about why I like doing this all in the first place!!

Sometimes, with winter in full swing, it feels as though I don't do anything other then work.  I leave for work in the dark and most days I come home in the dark!  And by the time I do, I don't wanna do ANYTHING!  I joke that winter is my hibernation....but that really is no joke.  Here and there I do things, but most often begrudgingly.  HA!  It's just too cold!!  So with that being said all my time is spent with my co-workers and students and truth be told, it's never a dull moments!

By far my most favorite thing...Kids say the darndest things, and this little nugget was the cutest. Filed under things I overhear in the library during checkout...

One first grade boy to another - "Oh DIY, don't worry, I'm gonna invite you to my birthday party!"  I replayed that sentence in my head a few times, then I busted out laughing.

This sweet boy meant to say FYI!!!  I just thought that was the cutest!

Other things overheard during checkout....
These kids are getting on my last nerve!  {6 going on 56!}
When I grow up, I'm not driving...I want a chauffeur! 

Being a teacher you get both sides of just about everything!
On the one hand, there's  sweet student telling me that the Martin Luther King activity we did in tech was the most fun ever!  And on the other, you have another telling me, (while putting up the bulletin board), Wow, Miss Mitchell, that actually, looks good!  {To that I thought,  Geez, thanks kid!}

The bulletin board in question...the kids really liked it!!  And it actually does look good!!

I recently had my formal observation (that's never fun!) AND it didn't go as swimmingly as I had hoped!
Being both the library and tech teacher, we often start class in the library and end up in the lab, because the kids drop their stuff and bring themselves and a pen into the lab.  On the day of the observation, I reminded them all profusely to remember to bring a pen/pencil into the lab.  After introducing my lesson and having them get started in the lab, about 10 of them raised their hand to tell me they forgot a pen!!  KILL ME!! On the upside, the principal clearly saw that hardly anyone listens...especially last period on a Friday!  Oh well...I'm still here!!

At least once a week I praise Jesus for the fact that I don't have any children of my own and the only thing waiting for me when I get home is WINE!

Sometimes, children see you walking down the street, or headed into a restaurant...or bar...whatever!  Teachers are people, too kids!
Just today, the students heard some faculty planning to go to a movie together and were shocked that we actually did things outside of school!  LOL

I often think numerous times throughout the day, that it's be great if Bailey's or Rum Chata was allowed in my coffee!!  I'd be more awake and probably a lot more fun!

As with any job, some days are not always easy, but its the days when a sweet child comes up to me and unexpectedly hugs me, that make it all worth it...I guess I'll keep at it!  LOL

Hope whatever you do each day, you find a little nugget of happiness in it!!


  1. Bha ha ha, the only thing waiting for me is wine, you crack me up woman, kids do say the darndest things and I love these posts!

  2. haha, yes to the wine! And DIY: I think you're pretty great.

  3. Love the things kids say. I hear ya on being cold - all I want to do is stay inside with a cozy blanket these days!

  4. I'm sorry your observation didn't go as planned but we teachers know most days don't go as planned. Being on your toes and flexible is what wins the day in the classroom and your principal knows that. Hiberate well...I am too! :)

  5. Sweet kids, God love their pointed-little heads forgetting their pens and pencils. I have begged, begged, begged my students to leave the computers on when the bell rings in the morning and they head for class. Invariably they close out the windows that I have asked them to leave on. Frustrating. But I love 'em still.


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