Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some week's all I do is throw it back...

Happy Thursday friends!  How is it Thursday already?!?  This is both a good and a great thing!  HA!  But some week's just really get away from me!  Life's been busy this week!  But I didn't want a Thursday to go by without sharing a Throwback to one of my top posts of 2016.  This one made me smile, too.  Since I've bought and moved into my own home, thus living even a more Solitary Life, I've been sharing what life's been like in a post the blog every year!  This past August was year three, and I shared some of my favorite happenings!

Take another peek....

Today marks three years since I purchased my home.  I figured since I blogged about years one and two, why not blog one more time!  Three years ago today I moved into my little house!  It's been a fast three years actually.  Isn't there a quote by someone that goes something like "The years pass fast but the days go slow" ??  That is so true because when I think about this day three years ago, it kinda seems like just yesterday!!  But it really is a home!!

Someone told me not too long that my house was "goals"  I thought that was really funny but also very sweet!!  I've worked hard to make this place a fun, cozy house and I think I'm succeeding!  Here's a few facts about year three!

When I first moved in, this place that was under construction!  That's still the case right now, three years later, as I sit here typing this and listen to hammers, big trucks, and saws outside my window.  I can't say that it's been a bother, because it's something I've just gotten used to, but I am thankful that it's almost DONE!!

With the exception of this summer, I've cooked more.  Thanks to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and a few Crockpot Challenges!!

That being said, I've also set the smoke alarm off more times this year than I care to recall!!  :)

Looking back, I'd have to say, this was a more solitary year.  I had no long  term house guests like I did in year one and no one stayed for a week like in year two.  I did have lots more visitors though! Some who had never seen the place, so that was fun!

And traditions that were started, continued!  The 2nd Annual Friendsgiving was a success, as was Christmas Eve Dinner!

I also hosted book club here....once!!  hopefully I can get that up an running again!

I got a larger kitchen table, to accommodate more guests who I didn't actually have!!  HA! But still no chandelier!
Thanks to these guys for helping my pick it up and set it up!!

I didn't paint this year like I had planned!

On that note, I've walked to school more this year than I have in the past, and I've also walked around town more, as more and more new places popped up to eat!

I will also dare to say, in this third year, I've spent LESS time here.  I actually traveled a total of four times this year!!  Read more about my travels here, here, and here (a real recap of the DR is coming soon!!)

Oh and after three years, I've made more friends in my neighborhood!!  Woo Hoo!!

I've also become good friends with my mailman and UPS man...who discovered he delivers to both my house and my school, so he gives me updates on my packages while I'm at work.  I haven't decided if I should be worried about this!

Is it any wonder why the UPS guys and my mailman and I are besties?

I've continued to decorate the place and make it my own!! My theme for this year was "This is My Happy Place"....because it is!  I love my little house.  I love that it's all my own.  I worked hard to get it!  And I enjoy it, whether it's filled with family and friends, or just the nights that I'm on my own!  And I think that's all that one can hope for their home!!

I think the year three recap is my last!!  My home is always splashed throughout the blog, and I think for now that's enough!  Thanks for letting my recap the last three years here!  Cheers to many more!


This post originally appeared on the blog on August 29th, 2016.


  1. What a fun post! Congrats on 3 years of homeownership! It's so fun turning a house into your home and I love that it's your happy place! There's no place like home! :) Have a fantastic Friday and a lovely upcoming weekend, girl! xo - Brenda //

  2. Such a good feeling to own your own home! Girl, you crack me up about setting off the smoke alarm, ha ha! I hope you have a spectacular weekend!

  3. Such a fun post! I love your theme of 'this is my happy place'. I firmly believe that home should be a happy place! Have a great weekend! :)


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