Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Dinner and Drinks!!

Continuing to showcase my top posts of 2016 today!  I laughed when I saw that this was one of my tops!  Part of a blog hop focused on Progressive Dinners, over at TBB, it's no surprise that I got the drinks portion of the meal.  It's kinda my thing!!  Take another peek at Dinner and Drinks!!


!!  I'm so excited The Blended Blog has started Tasty Tuesdays and is doing a progressive dinner blog hop!  It's so fun and different! Thanks for stopping by today! How yummy did everyone's courses sound!?!?

Was there any doubt that I would be the one providing the drinks?!?  I'm getting a reputation here I think! HA!

If I'm being honest here, I am not one to mix drinks...and by mix I mean going from one to the next to the next, mixing alcohols. Like starting with a prosecco, switching to a red, and ending the night with a martini is no bueno for me.  If I have an after dinner drink with everyone, like a Bailey's on the rocks, that's about as much as I can mix.  I like to start with a drink and stick to it.  And if I was going to pick an drink that goes with Leslie's comfort food, I'd definitely go with wine.  A bottle of wine is so fun and easy to share with your special someone or a group of friends.

I thought I'd share wines today that pair well with chicken and would totally compliment Leslie's chicken pot pie.  Chardonnay is most often paired with chicken, but a white like pinot grigio, would totally work as well.  More often than not, I'm a red girl. So I'd pair a lighter pinot noir with the Pot Pie.   I'm not your typical, strict wine drinker...if I like it, I'll drink it!  But I would admit that a lighter wine is better with Pot Pie and will help offset the deliciousness of the flavors.

I am no wine expert.  I actually most often go on the recommendations of my "wine guy" aka my brother-in-law! I call him my wine guy because he picks up wine for me at this heaven on earth he lives by...a wine warehouse with THE BEST prices, call The Wine Guy. ( We might not be able to buy wine in the grocery store here yet, but we have a Wine Guy and right now that will suffice!)

And just because I wanted to include something fun, I thought I'd share this martini.  It's good, either before the meal or after...for a treat!  If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that my new fave is RumChata.  When I told a co-worker this fact, she told me about this drink!  It's definitely a treat...

one part rumchata
one part caramel vodka (I used salted caramel!)
a splash of cream/half and half
Shake vigorously over ice, strain into martini glass and enjoy!



If anyone remembers this post and tried this drink, let me know in the comments below!  Actually, not to long ago, I saw this as a shot somewhere online!   Have a great Thursday!  How do you throw it back??

This post originally appeared on the blog on Thursday, November 29, 2016 

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  1. Yay for our progressive dinners, they're so fun! This drink...I want one right now!


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