Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ten on Ten

I've decided to try my hand at the Ten on Ten Project created by Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine...but clearly it has already been an epic fail because it's two days later and I am only now just getting my post up!  HA!! Here's my life for ten consecutive hours on the 10th of April!

It was a two cup coffee kinda day!  And I LOVE my Starbucks mug! Made my coffee before I left the house and two hours later when I actually have time to take the first's still piping hot!  

Love visiting my sweet Pre-Ker's over in their building!  And I kinda don't mind the little mobile library I created!  I can swap books in and out from the big library, giving them more variety...but not too much!!

Love me a prep where I can listen to music in my iHome (thank you Scholastic Bonus Points!), especially when my favorite song comes on!

Lunch duty in the second grade. Boo!  Not that I don't love them...I just wish  I was out enjoying the beautiful day!

And I come back to find this in the Library!!  Smack dab in front of my desk, totally blocking my view.  Aren't I just the sweetest to share my Library with Spanish?

Homework Club...Where sometimes I need a lil help with the Common Core too!  Maybe I've been out of the classroom too long!!

These sweet, sweet girls came for a visit after school and were ready for a photo op!  Their mom has trained them well!

I got a smile when I was holding her...guess it's a good dream...or maybe it was just GAS!  

 I try to be accommodating to the children when they visit!

The toddler makes the mess and the parents clean it up...or are they?  

My first foray with the photo project didn't turn out too bad.  Given my solitary life, other months might not be as exciting as this (HA!), but it sure was fun!

Have a Sunny Saturday!  Take some time to enjoy the little things!


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  1. Great 1st post! When I started 10 on 10 I kept forgetting it was the tenth each month...after several months I finally remembered. Then it's just remembering to have my camera ready right when I wake up:-)


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