Friday, May 2, 2014

A Peek at the Week!

It's always a long week back at work after the Spring Break but lots of fun stuff helped make it a little more bearable!

My blog was nominated for a Liebster Award!  Pretty cool!  Read about it {here}!  Thanks Carrie!  Go check her blog out at A Lovely Little Wardrobe!!

Last Friday night, I won a $20 Gift Certificate to one of my faves!  Piper Street ran an anniversary giveaway on Facebook.  To be entered, you had to comment about your favorite Piper Street item.  I so totally heart giveaways so I commented and received the last gift of the day!  WOO HOO!!
Check out Piper Street {here}

On Sunday my mom threw a Tea Party at her house for her four granddaughters!  I was invited too!  It was really super cute and my nieces were soooo excited!  They drank out of their tea cups with their pinkies in the air and munched on cute finger sandwiches!  My mom worked really hard and everything was fabulous.  My sisters and I had a great time too!  

I know I've probably overloaded my Friday 5's with too much Jimmy Fallon love, but I seriously need to include this!  HILARIOUS!!  I DVR Jimmy every night (I JUST LOVE HIM!) but I was actually awake for this one and was laughing hysterically! And I love that Emma Stone sang Hook! My college friend Jana always called me Hook, (I don't really remember why, maybe because I rocked at singing this song!!  Yea...I'll go with that!!) And it made me remember that!  All I Do is Win was insane too!

It's May...and it's time to get Pin-spired!  Go check out what I've pinned and recreated this month {here}! I kinda rocked it! HA!

Have a Happy Friday!

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