Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIWW: The Final Challenge Post!

Well, it's a sad day...the fourth and final post of the Spring Style Me Challenge for my fellow bloggers and I!  I'm so totally signed up for this again come summer!  As part of this final entry, we thought we'd also reflect on some of the lessons we learned while participating!  (Thanks Deena for the idea!!) I can't wait to share mine with you!

But first things first...the outfits I was able to put together this week!

Wednesday in the challenge called for a chambray shirt, black and white striped tee, and white jeans with a statement necklace and the neutral wedges.  I'll be honest, I put this on, and didn't end up wearing it!  But I took a selfie...HA!  This was so super easy, but there was something I just didn't love about it!

Wednesday- Day 17
JCrew Chambray Shirt {here}
Target T {here}
Articles of Society Jeans {here}
Stella and Dot Kimberly Neck;lace {here}
My Nude flats got cut off but the link to them is {here}

Thursday was a white on white day. Working, I couldn't do it!  But on Saturday I experimented with this to go out with friends that night!  Didn't end up wearing it, because as you can see that shirt is a WRINKLED MESS!!  No time for ironing just then!
Thursday- Day 18

Piper Street Top {here}
Loft Modern Skinny Jeans {here}
Target Metallic Sandals {here}

Friday called for a bright cardigan, white shirt, boyfriend jeans, scarf and metallic sandals.  For work, I swapped out the metallic sandals for leopard flats, went with a pair of trusty black pants, and a statement necklace rather than the scarf!  Here's how it turned out:
Friday- Day 19
Piper Street Cardigan {here}
Bauble Bar Necklace {here} ON SALE NOW!
Leopard Flats {here}

Saturday: I put this on to go tutor (but then didn't have to! So I might have just laid out in my backyard in leggings and a tank top!)  Ended up liking this one a lot!  Will wear this again for sure!  Liked the sloppy tuck!
Saturday- Day 20
Loft Lime button down...LOVE {THIS}!!  So soft and stretchy!  ON SALE super sale!
Marissa Modern Skinnies...again!  
Target Metallic Sandals...again!

Sunday was the final day of the challenge and it was a maxi skirt day, so I rocked it....Finally!  This is the maxi I mentioned in last week's post! {here} I went to an early Mother's Day brunch at my sister's and this was PERFECT!! 
Sunday- Day 21 THE LAST DAY
The fedora was just for fun!
 Before I left I threw on my cropped denim jacket and shoes, of course...the metallic sandals above!

To see how I styled all three weeks of outfits click {here}, {here} and {here}!

Now a  few lessons I've learned while participating in the Spring Style Me Challenge with Alison @ Get Your Pretty On:
  • You don't need 1000 articles of clothing to have a "style". (If that makes ANY sense at all!)   This was a big take-away for me!  I will admittedly tell you that I have way too many clothes, some of which I don't even wear.  With the 18 pieces we were given on the shopping list (all of which I had), we were able to mix and match 21 days worth of outfits!  Now that is not to say there wasn't a lot of repetition, because there was, but we were encouraged to make the outfits our own and use items from our own closets.  Now that the challenge is over, and I no longer have a guide dressing me in the morning, I'm looking at my closet in a whole new way and loving it!
  • With that said, I also wanna mention, that I've learned that the  way you wear your outfit, is only the half of it!  Confidence, presence, and a smile, can MAKE the outfit!
  • The Facebook Group was my favorite thing about the challenge!  I loved "meeting" all the women involved!  Seeing their outfits, watching their and my own confidence grow as the weeks went on, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the encouragement, compliments and laughs shared on a daily basis! There was no cattiness or bitterness within the group, which these days is extremely rare! I felt pretty everyday during the challenge and that was all thanks to this group of women.  Also, the outfit envy and inspiration I received from each of these women, all of varying ages, was great.  Anyone, at any age, can rock these looks...and we ALL DID!

I hope you'll consider joining us for the Summer Style Me Challenge...coming soon!

Now go check out how the rest of these lovely ladies did in the final week of the Challenge! And, GOOD NEWS...the FUN continues!!  I am so excited to keep the link-ups going with these fabulous ladies for the foreseeable future! I am so glad to have found them and their blogs! 

Linking up today with my Challenge Lovlies below, as well as Alison, Lindsey, ShannaSarah!

Lana @ Two Teens and their Mama 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. well you take the prize for the way you wear outfits because you ALWAYS have a glowing smile!
    Love the hat!

    1. Thank you so much Shaunacey! That means the world to me!!

  2. I love your statement necklace in the first picture! You look great in every single outfit! You are inspiring me with your maxi skirt look. I still haven't worn my out of the house!

    1. Thanks so much Jordan! I'll be waiting for your maxi skirt selfie in the summer challenge!! :) The statement necklace is a stella and dot but you can get a similar at! Before this challenge I had never even heard of Jane!!

  3. You scream summer in the maxi outfit. I love it (and am a little jealous!). Great outfits and a great smile!

  4. Katie - I'm so glad I've met you through this challenge! You look great in everything. I love the fedora with the maxi - so cute!

    1. Thanks Lana! I am so glad to have met you as well and am so happy we are continuing to link up!!

  5. yay for the best maxi skirt for us short girls! :) Love the fedora, you're really rocking it. The white jeans and yellow button down is so cute! Totally agree with your second comment, wear a smile and confidence really makes an outfit!

  6. You are one of my faves- maybe it's because we've both being doing that photo challenge too and we're both teachers. Who knows. Great outfits!!!

    1. Deena you are the sweetest!! Love that we have so much in common!! YAY for teachers who love challenges!! :) So glad we are continuing to link up! It's so much fun!


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