Monday, June 15, 2015

A Super-Sized Weekend

I exhibited such bad blogger behavior last week...not posting at all!! Getting back in the game this week, with lots of great things lined up!!

A Super-sized Weekend Recap!

Starting off my weekend recap a little early, because even though I worked Friday, my weekend really began with Tim McGraw on Thursday night!! HA!!

Thursday after work I headed to the beach to see Tim McGraw. I took the train west and met up with my friend in the RVC. We grabbed sandwiches and bevs and drove the rest of the way to the beach. We actually ended up meeting and tailgating in the parking lot with her dad and brother for a bit, too.

The show started at 7 with a guy name Chase Bryant. We weren't as familiar with his songs. I knew only one! But I have to definitely download a few more. After that Billy Currington came on. We love him!! We've seen him a bunch of times as an opener. It's about time he headlines his own show. We'll be going to that for sure!! “God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy!” No truer truer words!! 
Those are also the words on our new Billy Currington t-shirts we purchased...because we need another t-shirt like we need a hole in the head!! But like Mel said...”I don't have a green t-shirt”!! And then I thought...I don't have a t-shirt in this green! I am a little bitter over the fact that we were overcharged $5 for it though!! Too many people, too much pushing, really look at my receipt before signing, so fault!

 These are not the best pics but...
Billy Currington

Tim McGraw

After the show, rather than rush to catch a super late train home, I stayed over at Mel's and took the train to work the next morning, I was a little late but since I didn't actually have kids until 10, it was ok. And literally, the train station is directly across the street for my school. So I was off the train and in the building in a minute and a half. The train was PACKED with people headed out to Montauk and to the beach for the weekend!!! I'm not gonna lie..I was jealous!! I wish I was going to Montauk for the weekend!! But I digress! Friday was the absolute hottest day yet here. Ick!! It's always the last two weeks of school that end up being the hottest. Thank goodness for AC in my Computer Lab!!

Friday night was the 8th grade graduation ceremony. So after not being home since Thursday at 7 a.m., I ran home, showered and got ready for that. My teacher bestie brought over dinner, we ate quick, got graduation ready and headed back to school! Graduation always turns out to be a beautiful affair (if not a tad bit long!). I love the music and the little touches that make it special and so “our school”! The students that graduated I've had for the last three years in Library and Tech and they were the last 4th grade class I taught. A good number of them also had siblings that I have taught! They are now in high school and some off to college! And way taller than me!!

During the graduation, my stomach stated hurting so, afterwards I headed home for a night of vegging on the couch. I actually caught up on the finale of my new obsession, Married at First Sight, and have to say I am happy with the results. I can't wait to see the reunion show tomorrow!

Saturday was a lazy day!! For some reason, I was up at 6! I really don't get it, I can not for the life of me wake up on weekdays when I actually have get up, but on the weekends, I am wide annoying!! It was cloudy in the morning, so I caught up on my blog-reading that I hadn't done in over a week, and started a new book! By noon, most of the clouds had burned off so I was able to speed a little time in the sunshine on my postage stamp patio (before it went over the house!). It was not enjoyable!! I was surrounded by bees. BIG ASS BEES!! They were surrounding my little trees in the back! Like a dozen of them. For the most part, they left me alone, flying from one tree to the next! I was stressed though because I am allergic to them!! Nobody believes me when I say this, but I am. When I was little, I got stung by a bunch of bees while walking down my pool deck. I must have hit their nest or something. They surrounded my, got in my bathing suit and everything! I got a number of stings, but way less than the number that surrounded me. Ever since then, when I've been stung, my vision goers blurry for a bit and I throw up. My family says this might just be nervousness and getting all worked up about them but I think that's not normal and I'm allergic!!

But anyway!! Back to the weekend!

I laid out a bit, got some thing's done around the house, then went out to read in the front when the sun hit there. I really had no plans!! Actually, I even posted this to Insta as my daily photo!

But around 6 my friend called and asked me if I wanted to go get dinner somewhere, so I went! It was a really fun time! I had a yummy faced lobster ravioli! Sooo good!! Huge chunks of lobster and tons of it, with spinach. And I tried a new, awesome summer beer! Hell or High Watermelon! So yummy, with just a hint of watermelon. Very refreshing. I know that doesn't go with lobster ravioli, but I ordered it before I decided on that! :) Unfortunately, you can't really get it here
for purchase other than at a bar/restaurant. It's the 21st Amendment brewery, out of CA, so I will have to frequent this place a lot this summer!

Sunday was kind of a whirlwind day! I had plans to go to a local vineyard with my family, so my mom and niece came and picked me up in the morning! It took them an hour to get me (usually it only ten minutes away) due to a fatal motorcycle accident. On the way back home, be ended up getting a flat tire! was a little crazy there for a while, but my brother-in-law came and rescued us... actually, just mom! Lauren and I walked to the Starbucks across the parking lot from where we made it to! Luckily, when it happened, we were getting off the exit and made it to a parking lot, 2 minutes from home! Now I realize, in hindsight, this was probably a bad idea leaving my mom, but I wanted to occupy Lauren...and we got mom her fave drink.  Actually, when we walked away a good samaritan started helping her! So I guess it was a win-win!

We finally made it to the vineyard and it ended up being a nice day! It wasn't too hot, we were shaded by trees and there was a guy there playing acoustic fave.
My mom, sisters and I (Just missing Meg!)

A few hours of that on a Sunday, meant me starting my typical Sunday chores later!! But I was wiped so I only did lessons for today and one load of laundry! The rest can wait!

And here it is, Monday again!! Only one more to go!!

I have lots of stuff planned for the blog this week, including two link ups with my blogging buddies and a come on back!!!


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  1. What a great weekend (well, except for the flat tire part). I've always wanted to see Tim McGraw. Happy last week of school!

  2. What a weekend! The winery was the perfect way to wind down after your busy weekend. Let's do that again soon!


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