Friday, June 19, 2015

It's Reveal Day!!

YAY!!  This post is a long time coming and has been in the works for a while!  Today's the day the Style Me girls and I reveal our blogger exchange gifts.  We are just a such a fun group, aren't we?!? Just like we did around Christmas time, we had another secret gift exchange via elfster this Spring. And a big thanks goes out to Deena for coordinating this for us again too!!

During our last link up we wrote about our our gifts reflected "home"!

I was super excited when I received my gift in the mail!!  I had kinda forgotten all about expecting it, so it was a delightful surprise when it it saw this on my doorstep.
OK....actually seeing this Pampers box on my doorstep was freaking hilarious!!  They day I got this, a friend dropped me off and we saw this for the first time together.  I was like "What the hell"... and she was like, "Is there something you need to tell us?!?  
Yes, people this Solitary Life I live is just a facade!!  I've got a baby on the way!!!  LOL...NAH!!!  

When I saw who this was from it totally made perfect sense.  My gift giver was Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side. She a mama of 2 littles...Mini Fox and Baby Fox!!  I just love Sarah and her blog!  And now she even vlogs!!  So awesome!! And knowing it was from her made me smile because I had sent my gift to her at Christmas time.  Funny how that worked out!!

I got in the door and ripped the package right open, I just couldn't wait!!  This is what I found inside!

There was nothing on top so I opened the tissue reveal this!  
How cute is this pillow!?!?  I put it right on the chair.  Isn't it just perfect there?

Below the pillow, was this...

So I did what I was told and unwrapped the next gift.    Inside I found this...
It's a photo album.  Love, love, love it!!
And a great gift from Sarah, who lives by the beach!!  Girl, I am coming to visit soon!!  

After I opened the gifts, I opened Sarah's sweet card.  She said she, like me loves to be home, either with her with her sweet family or enjoying some time alone.  So she thought this pillow would fit me well. She is so right.  I love it. I have received compliments on it from everyone who's come over since I got it!

The photo album I adore.  And it is similar to many others I have. And by that I mean with the two pics per page that you can easily slide in, so I will look perfect on my shelf with my albums. For now though I have it out and on display amongst my summer decor!

Sarah mentioned that I could fill the album with photos of all the fun I have this summer, and I'm going to do just that.  I can't wait  for summer to officially begin!!  5 more school days...woo hoo!! 

Thank you so much Sarah!  You know me so well (even though we've never person!!) I love both gifts!  Sending you a big hug from the East Coast!!

I was really excited when I got my draw of who I had to buy for. Find out who I sent my gift to here!

How much fun!!  Can't wait to check out everyone's gifts.  I've done a lot of blogging this week but haven't been reading much!!  I have no plans tonight, which I LOVE because I've gone from no voice to a gross-sounding voice and old lady hacking cough this week, there were many early nights thanks to NyQuil!  Tonight I plan on vegging on the couch catching up on all the blogs!! So if you see a comment from me late on a Friday I am THAT girl, but I'm a sick girl!  No rest this weekend though, it's a packed family weekend!!  Maybe I'll blog about it!! 

Go check out all the girls blogs to see the goodies they received!! 

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  1. What great gifts! I love to hang out at home too, and the pillow is perfect. Hope you're feeling better soon - have a great weekend!

  2. Perfect gifts! I love how we're getting to know each other better !!!

  3. I cannot believe you are still in school. Good heavens! That Nyquil is good stuff so hopefully, you will soon be back to 100% Katie. That pillow is just precious. I love being home, too. There's no place like it!

    1. And the Pampers box was adorable. That Sarah is a cutie pie!

  4. what a perfect gift! Pillow is super cute and I won't lie, I love that she sent it in a pampers box!

  5. Awww...super sweet! Love this. Great chair for the awesome pillow!

  6. What an awesome box!!!! and I am loving that pillow!


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