Thursday, June 4, 2015

Monthly Rewind: My May in Numbers

I thought I try something a little different today!!  My bloggy buddy and fellow Style Me Blogger, Deena from Shoes to Shiraz posts a monthly "numbers" recap and it's a great read!  So I'm linking up today with Deena, Carrie and Lana who are hosting too, to rewind my May!!
So in no particular order, I present My May in Numbers!

Number of Miles traveled: 1,115  I was able to get away to Florida for Mother's Day weekend!  It was a trip!  You can read about it here!!  The trip allowed me 5 days with my parents this month!

Number of Days off: 3...two for my trip and one for the Memorial Day holiday!!

Number of meals eaten out10 That seems pretty high!  Yikes!!  
And with that i should include I ate my first legit burgers since last summer!  Luckily, I split one with a friend the first time and had two mini sliders the next!  So I guess not too, too bad in the burger department.

On the flip side of that,  I only got 1 Hello Fresh delivery this month, so 5 legit  meals made myself! (3 Hello Fresh and 2 I was motivated to make!)  LOL
This was my fave meal of the month...maybe my all time fave Hello Fresh meal thus far!

Number of times I entertained at home: 2 For Cinco de Mayo and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  

Number of Stanley Cup Playoff games watched: 12  Playoff hockey is just FUN!! Oh and 1 raffle won during a game when I watched it out the bar!! The Rangers may have lost the game that night, but I won big! Ummm...Not really though!!

Number of times I walked to work: 3....and was hit by the sprinkler...3!!!  I really could walk more but every time I walk, I'm kinda late!!  HA!!  Having my good friend swing by and pick me up in the morning, I know I have to be ready by a certain time.  And can get there in time to actually get things done!  (Thanks for all the rides Lindsay...And the iced coffees!!  Margaritas on me this summer lady!!)

Number of movies watched: 2 Still Alice and American Sniper Both On Demand (the cable bill is a bit more this month...eeekkk!!  I was kinda disappointed in Still Alice, but can absolutely see how Julianne Moore won Best Actress honors at everything.  The book is always better than the movie.  American Sniper I really liked but thought it was tough to watch.  Also based on a book actually, but I have never read it.  Maybe I'll pick it up this summer!  I watched more movies based on books than I read actual books.  I didn't even get through 1.  I mentioned numerous times on the blog that I intended to finish The Girl on the Train and STILL have yet to. WHY...WHY? Sad!  This summer, I fully intend to kick my reading into high gear!!

I mentioned here that I fell off my shopping ban pretty hard this month, so I thought I'd share some of those stats!  All of these are online purchases!

Nordstrom: 4 items purchased in total...3 returned!  And one I still have yet to receive. I even did one exchange and had to send that back too!!  booo.... 

Victoria's Secret: 3 online orders placed...7 coupon codes used!  1 freebie scored, numerous new pairs of undies purchased!  :)  This was my favorite purchase!

JCrew Factory: 2 orders placed...creating countless summer looks!  I may have to break up with JCrew Factory though, I feel like everytime I order from there I get a really great sale, BUT the very next day there's an even better sale!!  Hahahahaha...I was able to score a price adjustment for a few things by contacting customer service, so I'll keep him around a few more months!  HA!!

I also keep one item from my Stitch Fix box from this month.  See it {here}

I also discovered an shop in insta called Evadette Boutique, so I placed 1 order from there during the Memorial Day Sale.  i received my purchases from there and am really happy!  I will order from there again, for sure!

A few blog Stats: 
Number of blog posts written: 10 {technically nine, but I wrote I quick post after losing an entire post in the blogesphere!!) far as numbers go, this is the lowest since February!  I am hoping with school coming to a close, I'll have more to blog about this summer!

Post read the most in May: Another Challenge in the Books!

Post with the highest reach on Facebook: A Weekend Away!
The blog's FB page got a few new likes this month, but I have yet too hit 100 on there.  If you know anyone who would enjoy my random ramblings, please share my Facebook page with them! Thanks!!

Number of times I remembered to post about a new blog post on Insta: 4 but I posted 48 pics to Instagram this month. 

I think that's about it!  Whew...thanks for sticking with me!!  That was fun...until next month!!


Linking up with Vanessa and Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, too!!


  1. love the numbers posts!! I'll need to get on that next month!

  2. Awesome post! I love learning more about you!

  3. Aww, I love the numbers post!!! I told Dee I was going to do one for the month of July!

  4. I love how you did this post - you had a great May! I should figure out how many miles I've travelled in the last few weeks!

  5. Cutie pie, love how you kept track of your orders and coupons used! I need to add that, too. And the number of movies you watched. Another fun stat!


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