Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Another Challenge in the books!!

For the last three weeks I have been participating in the 2015 Spring Style Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On! (my fifth one) And boy, did it just fly right on by!!  

But alas, as always seems to be the way during these challenges, I kinda fell off the wagon the final days.  So rather than 5 final looks to show you, I only have two that were truly, truly ON Target! Another two that were my own spin on the look, and a fifth one I totally did not wear!

The final few:

Wednesday was a striped dress day!!  Because it was a  RED dress down day and fundraiser at school in support of Congenital Heart Disease, I wore jeans.  Any day I can wear jeans to school, I must!  So rather than the striped dress with the chambray on top, I opted for a striped shirt with a red cardigan over it.  I wore my white cons as well.  I got lots of compliments on this one.
Not my usual selfie but I wanted to try something new!!

I will put the exact challenge outfit on reserve though, because I think it might look really cute...IF I can pull it off!!  The chambray over the striped dress with bright flats is super fun.  I can't wait to see how the Style Me girls did with this one!

Thursday called for a bright cardigan over a white tank and scarf, with dark wash jeans and metallic sandals.   I really liked this!  I had to go with trouser pants for work, but with them I wore a coral boyfriend cardigan and floral infinity scarf, and my nude patent flats.

After school I went to dinner with a friend, so I followed the challenge more closely, with the dark wash jeans and sandals.  But switched to a bright pink cardigan and different floral scarf.

Friday night was the school play.  I was on challenge pretty closely.  Black top, dark wash jeans, wedges and long necklace.  I liked this look a lot.  Super easy.  Honestly one of my faves from the whole challenge.  Probably because I have lots of different black tanks and tops I can style!  And I really liked it with the wedges!

Saturday called for a white denim, with a white tank and chambray top over it.  Accessorized with gold jewelry and metallic sandals.  I didn't wear it.  And I know I wore the exact look before last summer at some point but can't find a photo!  So I have nothing to show for it.  But like I said, I'm sure the Style Me girls all looked great, so check them out!!

On the final day of the challenge, the floral skirt was once again the look of the day!  Disadvantage, ME (but now seeing it styled so many times and seeing all the cute looks fellow challengers wore, I am on a serious hunt to find one that I just love).  I do think I should get some points for always being in some sort of floral on the days the skirt was styled.  LOL  I had a Communion on Sunday, so I wore this!!
This was a favorite look from last year's summer challenge!

There you have it...the final looks!!  As always, this was a ton of fun!  It's always so nice meeting new challengers, reconnecting with veteran challengers like myself, who now feel like old friends and styling new looks!  I feel like in this challenge I really put my own spin on all the outfits, not buying much and shopping from my own closet.  I also like how I sometimes pulled from other challenges and used pieces from them or subbed with them.

Next up the Summer Challenge!!  If you want to get in on the fun that is a Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge, find out more here!!

Before I leave you, I wanted to share my top three (four of you include Friday's look!!) favorite looks from this challenge!  I feel like these looks I'll be wearing over and over again this Spring and into Summer!
Because...camo!  And I probably never would have put this together myself!

Alison styled the bright cardis with the white jeans and I will do that too, but I really liked this look a lot with the distressed denim too!  Actually, I really thought all the looks with the grey tops and bright cardigans were a hit!!

The striped dress looks were really fun too!!  When I have the courage to wear mine with the chambray shirt, I'll blog about it!!  :)

You can check out all the Spring Challenge 2015 looks and my take on them, here!

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Have a great rest of Spring...Summer is so close! WOO HOO!!

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  1. Hi, there! I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE IT! I'm adding it to my Bloglovin' feed now so I can read all of your posts. You have great style, and we definitely have a shared love of coffee. Looking forward to getting to know you!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  2. Always soo adorbs!!! You are so cute and put together in every outfit!! Love the striped dress and scarf....and yes, you NEED to bust out your chambray with it ASAP, girl!! XO ~ Casey @ A Little Bit of Cheer

  3. I loved the looks you rocked! I haven't figured out when I will rock the chambray shirt with the striped dress either! I feel like a denim jacket just goes so much better with it :)

  4. Ditto to the courage for wearing a chambray with the striped dress! I wore mine with a jean jacket too :) I cannot chose a favorite of yours for this week because I love all of them. That first outfit, is awesome! Between you and Vanessa, I think I really need a pair of white yesterday. hehe.

  5. I love your flowery kimono look! You always looks so ...beachy.

  6. I love your striped dress - so pretty on you. The black top/jeans/wedges look was one of my favorites too. Looks great on you!

  7. Such cuteness!! Loving all of your stylish looks! I think we need to shop together! ;)

  8. Hey cutie patootie! Great recap. I struggled to find a floral skirt at the beginning of the challenge but I am seeing them everywhere now. I think El Paso is the last place for a new fad or trend to catch on and appear. I found mine at Dillard's on sale for $29. Hope you find one you like because I know you would love it, and style it beautifully. The summer look from last year is scrumptious and refreshing like sherbet in the summer. Like the angle of the first pic. I hope to someday graduate to using a tripod and a remote for my pics like Lauren does.

  9. Loved all your looks! The distressed denim look is my fave:)

  10. I like all of your modifications you made. The kimono outfit is very cute!

  11. I totally agree that the Friday outfit (black shirt and jeans) is great, it looks awesome on you! Perfect combo of dressy and casual.
    I also love that striped dress and scarf, so pretty and you look so happy in the pics :)

  12. I love your looks! I've never participated in one of the style challenges, but I love seeing participants blog posts! Allison really knows what she's doing!


  13. I really like the outfit with "not your usual selfie". It looks so cute and I want a full pic!! You great in your striped dress - and so happy too! You have a really great smile! I bet you hear that a lot :)

  14. All of your bright cardigans are pretty colors on you and pop your looks. Summer look from last year = super cute!


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