Monday, June 29, 2015

Besties on a Beer Run...

School is officially out for summer!  (Even though I'll be going there today!  HA!)  Friday I went to a Teacher's Happy Hour at an outdoor bar in town with some teacher friends.  It was a fun time!  Sippin' summery drinks and talking summer!  We went fairly early, so I was home and made it an early night.  Which is truly, what I like doing better anyway!! #OldLady #TotallyOKwithit!

Saturday I spent the morning catching up on all the blogs I missed during the week with the craziness that is the last couple of days of school.  I LOVED reading all the Style Me Bloggers Summer Reading Recommendations!!  Find them all here!  Then I cleaned up the house up bit because my bestie was coming out to stay for the weekend.  And I'm not gonna lie, when ya live alone, the guest room might get a little bit messy during the week, when you have company you know won't need to go in there.  But anyhoo....

After that, I got ready for the day and headed out to start the weekend of beer with my bestie.  A few months ago I picked up a Living Social certificate for a beer tasting at a local brewery for four people.  We tried to get our other friends to come a few times and it never really worked out with their schedules...and this was the last weekend we could do it, as it was expiring.  But the two of us going actually worked out great because we each went home with a growler and 2 pint score!!  :)

The Oyster Bay Brewery is out in Nassau on the North Shore, so I headed in on the train and Mel picked me up and on our way we went!  It was a little bit of a struggle to find, being that it was off the main street and did not have very large signage at all.  But we found it!  (I should have taken a picture of the small ass sign!)

Apparently, this is what you do on a rainy Saturday...go taste some beer!  Because it was pretty crowded.  It was not a big place at all!!!  But there was lots of people there....and lots of people brought their groupons too!  LOL

We squeezed in at the bar and it was explained to us how the tasting worked.  When we were there, they had 5 beers on tap, so we were able to try each.  (Our flight had a 6th but since that keg was kicked, we only had the five.  I really liked how they did it! The flights were in a little box and the numbers underneath, corresponded to each beer on tap.  If I was a better blogger I would have taken a picture of the number board...ooopps!!  But I do remember my faves!  Out of the five I like the Summer Ale, Honey Ale and American Wheat best.  I left with a growler of American Wheat at the end of the night.

Because it was a tasting for four we had the option of getting another set of flights or a pint of our fave, so we did that!

After the brewery we went to dinner at the restaurant within walking distance.  Super yummy food and Oyster Bay on Tap!! Win! Win!

After dinner and a quick trip back to the brewery to get our growlers filled we headed back to my house.

Because Sunday...another Groupon, another brewery!

Actually it's called a brewtique.  It's a beer place that has a ton of craft beers on tap and a store for brewers inside.  It's fun, I've been there a few times but not for a tasting.  We went fairly early....after brunch at our fave....

At Hoptron they had something like 16 different beers from all different brewers on tap.  For the flight we were able to pick four.  So it was kinda tough...if I had all day, I would've gotten another four....and another...because at this one I really only enjoyed 2 that I picked.  But it's so close, I can go whenever and try a few more!  :)

This is really cool!!  All the breweries of the beers they have/had on tap are posted here.

After brunch and beer tasting, we were pretty full...but nothing a little shopping can't cure.  So we headed to Old Navy...Mel had to return something...and there was a big sale!  Oddly enough, I was the only one who left with something!  These pixie pants.  Do I need these pixie pants...probably not (and can I afford these pixie pants at the moment...probably not!)  But I just love pixie pants! These are super cute! And was a SALE!!

These are actually the pixie pants I got...not an hour later I saw them featured on Old Navy's Instagram!!
@oldnavy pants worn by @overmystyledbody

After that, I laid low for the rest of the day!  The sun made a few peeks out from behind the clouds in the late afternoon, so I sat outside and read a little!  Since it's a summer of reruns, I decided to check On Demand for something to watch.  I found the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin on the CW.  I started watching it....super cute and funny! And the star Gina Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for the show.  The first CW show to ever win anything.  Is anyone watching it?  hopefully as the summer goes on the whole first season will come On Demand.

And Monday has rolled around again.  But guess what???  It's summer!!  I don't care!  HA!  I'm walking this morning, headed to school for a bit, then off to catch a few rays!
Hope you all had a great weekend and have a happy Monday!

It's summer so I hope to be blogging lots!  Keep up with me!!

Oh and big news!!!  The Winner of the $200 Gab Brand Gift Card is...
Ashley Bree Perez!!!  
Congrats Ashley!!  
And thanks to all who entered!

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  1. hey- I know that colourful map...I've seen it somewhere. Your beer pictures, FYI, were making me drool this weekend.

  2. Love those pixie pants! So cute. Looks like an awesome weekend full of fun and sun! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. OK, so I loved all the Insta pics from the weekend! And after I wiped the drool off my mouth from all the beer goodness, I decided that I must take a trip up North to see my other favorite single gal ;)

  4. LOVE your pants! The beer tastings look like so much fun - plus of your other friends not going was getting that extra :)

  5. I LOVE going on brewery tours. Such a fun way to spend a day!

  6. So jealous that you and your bestie can do things together regularly! My bestie lives in another state and the only thing we don together regularly is text. Can't wait to see how you style those Pixie Pants. I am sure you will look even cuter than the gal in the ON Instagram pic.

  7. This is so cool! We just got a brewery place in my hometown but it's kind of small and janky.

    1. Totally still go!! I feel like they all look that that on the outside...but inside it's so fun!!


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