Sunday, March 6, 2016

February in Numbers!

It's that time again!  How fast time flies!  Linking up with Deena to share my February in Numbers! It was a fun busy month for me with a vacation and my birthday in between!

The month started out with 2 snow days...YAY!!  Hopefully though that's all now out of Mother Nature's system and spring is around the corner!

February also brought Catholic Schools favorite 5 days of the whole school year!  We got to dress down 2x that week!  I love wearing my Jeans!!  And this year it was only 4 days, due to snow!

With the five days of Winter Recess and two snow days, we were only in school 13 days in February!  Not too shabby!

After hitting a high of 64 degrees on February 1st, the temperatures dipped to record lows on Valentine's Day Weekend.  With a Low of 4 on Saturday, and 0 on Sunday, with wind chills of -40 both days!  It was too cold to even venture out, I was grateful for my cancelled plans!  I was really kind of a hermit this month!

But it gave me a chance to read!  3 books and one I am in the middle of, since it's Lent!  Read more about my February reads here!

 When I did head out it was to enjoy some food and fun with friends. And it was all during Winter recess and for my birthday!. 1 breakfast, 1 brunch,  2 sushi dates, 2 nights out in town, 1 Tupperware party (and over $100 spent!  LOL)
Out with my mom and sisters for my birthday 

1 home cooked meal made for me by my sister and one crockpot meal made by me...that resulted in 4 meals!!  I just love the crockpot! And 1 Hello Fresh delivery...which this time only ended up being 4 meals instead of my usual 6.  This might've been me on Valentine's Day...

Oh there's this too....13 episodes of Fuller House binge-watched!  I loved it...super cheesy and all sorts of fabulous!  Fingers crossed there's more!

And just for fun....
2 "fake"holidays celebrated!
National Drink Wine Day on February 18th But let's be for real....everyday is National Drink Wine Day!! (Next month, maybe I should track the number of glasses of wine I have in a month!  On second thought...)
National Margarita Day on February 22nd I have quesadillas most nights anyway, I just added a little kick to them, that night!!  :)  I good dress rehearsal for Cinco de Mayo!

February on the blog, Facebook and Insta!!
21 Posts
The Most Viewed Post: It's Friday and I'm not happy about it!
Most viewed post that was not part of a link -up: 36 is....
I'm pretty proud of that...thanks for all the birthday love!
The most viewed on post on FB 36 is... (YAY!)
Only a handful of newbies joined the FB page in February!  If you haven't already, go give it a "like" here!
77 pics posted to insta!  That seems like a lot for such a short month!  HA!!

Head on over to Deena's blog and check out more Numbers Posts!  And link up too!!


  1. Do you guys have to make up your snow days? We always do! In fact, we had a day off because the Pope came to Mexico (yeah, even though we live across the border!) and had to make it up. When is spring break? Ours starts tomorrow which is fabulous but really, really early! It isn't even spring yet! But not complaining.

  2. Wasn't fuller house amazeballs?? And yay for snow days. Ps. I'm your newest fan on FB:)

  3. Fuller House. I still need to finish it! It is good. Yay for snow days! I could probably drop a ton of $ on a Tupperware party, too!

  4. Oh man I need to finish Fuller House, I just can't seem to find the time...but plane to soon! Yay for month in numbers and only going to school 13 days, woo hoo!

  5. FULLER HOUSE. Fine. I give in. Kids are sleeping and I blame you that the laundry's not getting done... Okay, it's totally my fault but I'm considering you an accomplice.

  6. I tried watching Fuller House, I really tried...I just couldn't do it. Oy. Thanks for linking up!!!

  7. How cool that your birthday was during your school break! I haven't tried Fuller House yet - but I will!


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