Friday, March 18, 2016

Five things on a Friday!

Welcome to Friday!  Is it just me or are the week's getting slower?  Here's a bunch of random for your Friday pleasure...

Daylight Savings Time
Have always loved this...#truth
And man was it crazy getting up Monday!  Pitch black!  But I am so on board the lighter later train for sure!

My new keyless entry
Definitely a fave this week.  If you saw Monday's post, I talked about my two favorite guys this week!  One was my neighbor, GUS who installed a new keyless entry for me!  And it is just awesome!  No more leaving my keys in the door.  And it locks me in too!  LOL  

Stations of the Cross
This is one of my  favorite days in school.  The fifth and seventh grade students reenact Jesus' Journey, with meditation, reflection and beautiful music. It's powerful!

This risotto...seriously yum!!  I got another Hello Fresh delivery on Monday and right away I made this!!  It was a meal for two but I probably ate 2/3 of it that night!

St. Patrick's Day!
One of my most favorite days of the year!  In years past it was always irish bands and beers that got me excited!  This time around it was green bagels with butter! How times have changed!!  The bagels were shared with me by my most favorite Kindergarten friends!! Seriously, I just love them.  It's like I'm a rockstar when I go in there...the screams, the hugs! Totally makes my day!  Also had a fun, impromtu dinner at The go-to in town!

Hope everyone had a great week and a Happy St. Patrick's Day, too!!

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  1. What a great week minus the time change... :) That keyless entry is awesome!

  2. I need a keyless entry! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Keyless entry, what?! So if you walk out your front door, will it lock you out? Or is there a keypad on the other side...The best when little kids are happy to see you, best feeling ever! Happy weekend friend!

  4. I want to get one of those keyless entry locks for the door between our house and garage where you can just punch in a code. So handy! Happy Friday!!

  5. What?? I have never had a green bagel, I needed this yesterday, yum!! Yay to keyless entry too!! And Happy weekend to you!!

  6. I wish Daylight Savings Time would go away. I hate the switchover every time. Aren't the keyless entries so cool? They are the most popular thing we're selling these days. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. That bagel is extremely green. Yay keyless entry!!

  8. Totally agree with you on daylight savings. It's a real bummer. Those keyless entry things are pretty cool. They had them at this B&B we just stayed at. Very convenient.



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