Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Well I'm late to this Friday Party today!!  I had this post all done and scheduled to go.  But when you leave blogger open and don't return to the computer for 24 hours you find that it doesn't post!! DUH!!  Better late than never as they say!!


Woo hoo!!  Spring Break!!  I am off for the next week!  Life is good...and so is sharing this week's favorites with you!!

Linking up today with ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites! 

{Feature Friday at The Blended Blog!}
And speaking of Erika...she's the Feature Friday Blogger on The Blended Blog today!!  Every Friday, a TBB contributor get to share a favorite blogger, and this week Erika is mine!!  Please head on over there to check it out!!  Thanks so much Erika for sharing!!

{My Mixed Tape}
Tuesday's Mixed Tape post was probably my favorite post ever!!  No joke!!  And I've been listening to these songs all week.  After reading a bunch of the posts, I realized there was so many more songs I could have added!!

{Spring Break}
Clearly, being on Spring Break is a favorite!!  And coming home after school on Wednesday, it's like Mother Nature just knew!!  It was so beautiful out and so warm that I was able to enjoy sometime in the sun on my rocking chair out front with that "it's officially Spring Break" glass of wine!!  I'd even dare to say I got a little bit of color!  One item already checked off the Spring Break Bucket List!!

I haven't been listening to all oldies this week!!  I am just loving this new Josh Kelley song!!  From the piano and the lyrics, to the dancing and of course his damn hot face, I love it all!!   Take a listen!!

{CP Awareness Day}
Today, March 25th, is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!  Wear some green to raise awareness and support people with CP, like me!!  I'll be rockin' my green!!

Have a Blessed Easter Weekend!!

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Josh. I can totally see you with him. Love the music, dancing, Katherine Heigl, everything. Going to download/upload/get it for my iPod. Wish I had seen this post on the 25th. Would certainly have worn green. XO


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