Monday, March 6, 2017

A February in Numbers

Joining Deena today to recap my February in Numbers! These post are always a lot of fun and most times they have me saying EEEEEKKKKK....

Was back to getting my Hello Fresh meals in February.  I received 1 delivery and really enjoyed all three meals.  I think my goal going forward is going to try to get one delivery each month!  Seeing how that goes, until summer vacation.  Then maybe upping it to two a month!  And how did I take 0 pictures of my meals!?!

2 Snow Days! At first I wasn't happy about them because I wanted a five day weekend for the Memorial Day holiday in May, but after seeing the over 12 inches of snow dumped in my town, I welcomed the days off.

And just for fun I thought I'd add this....because TV is kinda my thing!  The 400th episode of Law and Order: SVU aired in February.  The number of episodes of SVU I've seen over the years...400!  I've never missed an episode!  

The 2 snows days off pushed back our 100th Day to Valentine's Day, but we made it...and now there are only 77 days to go!!

5 Fabulous Vacation Days!  The Presidents' Week is always our winter break!  It was a glorious one this time around.  We got lucky with record temps close to 70 that week.  I even sat out in my rocking chair for 3 hours getting some sun and I made...

1 trip to the February!  It wasn't to lay out or get color but I did see some cute seals and got blown away!!

I saw 2 full length movies, 5 Oscar nominated shorts and 3 highly commended animation short films this month. La La Land and Jackie were both rather different but good.  The animated shorts were excellent, but in my opinion, not many were actually for children!  HA!

$101.51 back from Ebates from all my Christmas spending....whooooooo  If you don't use Ebates, you definitely should!!

2 Dress Downs at most favorite days of the month!!

3 Thursday nights spent at my new favorite restaurant in town.

1 birthday celebrated...Cheers to 37 Years!  3 birthday celebrations!  100's of birthday wishes....HUGE THANKS to everyone!!

2 books completed, 2 more started!  (Thank you snow days) Read my review of Big Little Lies here!

Unfortunately, I did not remain shop free in February.  I shopped and spent.  But I had lots of birthday gift cards and rewards that helped keep my spending low...5 packages received!

Once again, most of my money was spent on food and drink!  At least I'm consistent!  Too much to calculate!  LOL

But I saved some money too!  Still working on my penny challenge. So far I've collected $11.37

February on the blog

# of posts = 9  This short month saw me short on posts!
Post with the most views: 37 Things for 37 Years both on the blog and on Facebook
#Number of Feature posts on The Blended Blog = 2
Check out my Tasty Tuesday Salsa Chicken here and The Blended Blog Loves post here!
47 pics posted to Insta and lots of new followers!  YAY!  Follow me @solitarylife101

Whew...It was a great February!  Hooray for March...longer days and warm temps that stick around!!

Thanks for stopping by today...have a great Monday friends!!


  1. I've earned nearly $700 over the last 4 years I've been using Ebates. It drives me bonkers when people don't use it or say it's too hard. No... you are just too lazy! (I can sometimes be mean!).

  2. I need to do these numbers posts again. They are always fun and revealing! Your birthday post was the best and a few days later PC received a card from his mom with 53 things she loves about him. Great minds, huh?

  3. I've been contemplating trying Hello Fresh so I'm happy to hear that you like it! And I'm so impressed that you've seen every single episode of SVU. I bet I'm pretty up there but not at 400!

  4. Liane Moriarty is one of my faves.I've read all her books now. I didn't enjoy the novel she published last year but I am still checking my Goodreads every few days to see when she releases something new.

  5. Okay wow, I thought I was bad with the make me feel better, sorry about that, hehe. :) Now you can go spend the $100 and not feel guilty right? hehe...And wow to 400 episodes of SVU...we were avid watchers but gave up a couple of years ago...

  6. I forgot to do a numbers post this month. Love your sunny beach pics, as I sit here looking out at snow again. I really want to give Hello Fresh a try!


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