Friday, March 10, 2017

Little Letters

A few weeks ago when I posted on The Blended Blog for TBB Loves, I mentioned that I had started reading Taz and Belly.  I love her little letters idea.  So today I'm joining in on the linky fun with a few little letters of my own!

Dear Sweet Kindergarten Friend,
Thanks for making my day!  I heard you yell, "It's a blister outside" as I was walking by...I had a good laugh knowing you meant blizzard!

Dear Snow, 
Thank you for holding off so that we get the day in!  I'll take the snow day next week!  Even though we're going to be in school until July!

Dear Spring, 
Where are you?  I'm so over snow and scarves and boots.  I'm wishing for white jeans and open toe booties!

Dear Mailman, 
Yesterday you put three packages at my front door that didn't fit in my mailbox, then I went to the mailbox and found another.  Couldn't you just brought all of them to my door!?!?

Dear This is Us, 
Why do you break my heart a little each week?  And great job on making old Mandy Moore look like Sally Field!

Dear Amazon,
Thanks for the free returns!

Dear Co-worker Friend,
Thanks for getting that coaching job after school.  Those three weeks you did after care on Thursday til 6, I really enjoyed my one day off...getting home at 3, a few happy hours, etc. Now I'm back to doing what I really mean to say is, thanks for nothing!  :)

Dear Friday,
YAY!  You're finally getting here!  This week was worse than the last (the first week back after a break)!


  1. These crack me up! Everyone's always sound so witty and when I try to write them I'm like..not funny. haha The mailman one...for real! It's like no one has any independent thought anymore!

  2. I love these posts! Sorry about the snow. I think we're supposed to get some tonight :(

  3. I love this post! Is this a monthly linkup? Sounds like so much fun!

  4. I want to get in on these, too, next go-round. Such fun. Kind of like sentence a day but more direct!! Out of the mouths of babes, huh? Hope that blister soon melts away and you guys jump into spring with both feet.


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