Monday, March 27, 2017

A Rainy Monday Musings Post

Happy Monday!  Are Mondays really ever HAPPY!?!  The last Monday in March calls for a little Monday Musings...a late night post about the randomness that was my Monday!

Rainy, Foogy, Gross Mondays should just be banned.  We should be able to stop life and never get out of bed!  LOL
I kid, I kid....

I'm just tired today.  I think the more sleep I get, the more tired I feel.  I mean, I was legit in bed by nine o'clock last night...disconnected, light off,  the works.

I have been sleeping so much better though.  I think this is thanks to my new dew drop diffuser I got for my room.  I add a few drops of lavender in each night and let it go.  I'm still waking up early, but not over and over throughout the night!  And lately, when the alarm goes off, I'm snoozing less!  GO ME!

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm still living in my leggings, boots and scarves for work! Partly because this weather still sucks and partly because it's colder in my library than it is outside!!!  Brrrrr.... I'm just not excited to get up and get dressed!  Where's SPRING???

This weekend I lived on tuna and hard boiled eggs!  I think I am making up for the fact that I ate meat (chicken) on Friday!  But Pasta Diana at a place I hadn't been to in YEARS-and probably won't be back to for YEARS- was SO WORTH it! #godforgives

After this weekend's games, I'm still #2 on The Blended Blog's March Madness Bracket.  That's pretty cool!!  It's totally just for fun but it's exciting to have some stock in the game and teams to root for.  My dad was pretty impressed with my picks!  Who knows, if things go my way, maybe next year, I'll go big and wager!

I guess I can't be unhappy on a Monday when I come into work and see this!!

The Six Word Memoirs I did with my 7th and 8th grade students last week was probably my most favorite lesson ever.  It was the final activity in our Pay It Forward novel study, we've been working on ALL YEAR.  The kids LOVED this...and I was proud of them that they really took the time to think about their own 6 Word memoirs.  They then were able to illustrate them to go outside on the library bulletin board.  I'm really excited for the parents to come see them during conferences next week.

Actually today, I asked my 7th graders why they were making me mad on a Monday!! Then we all at least on Mondays we still laugh.

I payed some bills today and ended up using my cashback bonus for some of it.  Not sure yet, if this was a good idea or not but the funds were immediately withdrawn. I decided to pay bills after I bought a dress online this morning...that I probably really didn't need, BUT already know where I'm wearing it!  And have the accessories and shoes picked out to go with it!!  At 50% off with free shipping, they had it in petite and in my size too, so I thought I couldn't pass it up!  With lots of returns in the works, money is coming back to me...See how I rationalize these things!!

After that impulse buy, I've now made it a goal in April to NOT SHOP AT ALL and eat out less!  So anyone wanna come over on Friday nights, hang with me, eat peanut butter sandwiches and drink wine?  Just let me know!!

Mondays are my 4 o'clock day, so I got home early and actually got lots accomplished!  Made trips to the garbage (I only go on Mondays because I know it's been cleaned out!) and mailbox.  Put my lounge chair back out in the back and my rocking chair and little table on the front "porch", getting things spring-ready.  Because shockingly, at 5 p.m. the sun decided to make an appearance.

Came home today to a package with two bathing suits inside.  I bought them on sale and was really excited about them.  Then I tried them on....and realized this body is not at all ready for bathing suit season!  I need to get my ass in gear!! YUCK...It's only right that they arrived on a Monday, am I right??!! I need a tan!

Well now that Monday is almost in the rear view, I'm off to finish checking off today's to-do list and  then read 50 pages in my book....wrapped in my blardigan, with wine in hand!

Hope your Monday's been more than bearable!  Thanks for reading my randoms!!
See you back here tomorrow...


  1. Really enjoy these randoms. Kind of like the stream of consciousness stuff, huh? Only more organized, I think. I am checking out the Pay it Forward book right now. Love to hear about wonderful library lessons that are as memorable to the librarian as they are to the kids. Well done, baby girl!

    1. Ordered the book. Will you take more pics of the kids' memoirs?

  2. I like your randoms, and are you eating a tuna salad and then an egg salad or do you mix the tuna and the eggs together because i can't really picture how that is going to taste?

  3. I am feeling a bit blah too and it's because it's gray and rainy here. I need some dang sunshine, Ohio!


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