Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring 2017 Bucket List

Joining my blog buddy Leslie to share my Spring Bucket List today!  When she first brought this up I didn't think I'd be ready to share a Spring list.  Summer for sure, but Spring...not so much!!  But then something happened!  Yesterday Spring came, I read a bunch of bucket lists on blogs and I got all excited for what Spring has to offer!!  And I thought, "Hey, there is a bunch of "stuff" I'd like to do this spring!!  So today I'm sharing with you my own bucket list, that I envision taking me from Spring through mid June!   Then it's...School's Out for SUMMER!!

Get My Feet Spring and Summer Ready!!
I am embarrassed to admit how long it's been since these feet have gotten a pedicure...but it is WAY OVER DUE...I'm pretty sure when I go and get it done, I'll be THAT Girl that they talk about!

Goodbye Winter!
At the moment it doesn't exactly feel like spring outside but I am super excited to be rid of my boots, blanket scarves and bulky sweaters.  I'm going to do a good clean out of all the clothes I'm "over and donated them this Spring!  I donated to my friends clothing room for Veterans and am always so excited when she tells me her clients rave about my donations.  It make me feel great and I know they are going where they are so needed!!

Spending Spring in town!
For four years now, I've passed the community garden and never actually went in.  I've always wanted to but never had.  And it's so cute.  There's benches, a gazebo, even chess!  In the Spring when the flowers are blooming it's beautiful!  I am making it a goal to get there this Spring.  With a book...two birds...one stone!

I go out to eat a lot in town, but in the Spring and Summer lots of the restaurants on Main Street have outdoor seating.  It's always fun to enjoy a meal in the bright sunshine and people watch. I'd also like to head down there for more Sundays Fundays when it's nice too!

I like just getting out and walking more when the winter melts away.  Winter is a time I feel so cooped up!!  I'm also going to do more yoga! A while ago when my foot was in THE BOOT my doctor suggested I try yoga...because there's even a beginners course called "Yoga for inflexible people!"  For ten bucks I picked it up and did it faithfully for a while, then it kinda got lost in the shuffle.  I didn't make it a lifestyle!  LOL  But I did enjoy it, so I want to do it more regularly!

A New 'do!
Another thing I seem to be overdue for is a cut and color of my hair.  Part of me has not been because a- it's expensive and b- I've been trying to hold out and wait for some big things I have going on this spring that I want good hair for!  I will probably go on my Spring Break in three weeks!

I know I'm talking about spending money on my hair and pedicure, but I really hope to save some money!  I have two super fun trips to look forward to this Spring!  So I really, really need to SAVE!! So I can spend on the trips!!  LOL

Rainy Days and Sun Daze
So the saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers, so I fully intend to be rocking my rain boots this spring.  But I also look forward to sunny days rocking on my rocking chair on my front porch, getting a tan!!  My motto is :Everybody looks better with a tan!!

The Dreaded Guest Room
Isn't a little Spring Cleaning on everybody's bucket list?  My biggest job has bot to be my guest room.  Right now it is beyond disastrous!  I have bar stools and lounge chairs in there!  Boxes and bins galore!  I dread doing it but I know it has got to get done!  So then maybe I can have guest over this Spring!

I totally enjoyed doing this!  And think it's very do-able!  Here's to a wonderful Spring ahead for all!!!

After further research, I remembered that I did share a Spring Break Bucket List on the blog last year!  Head here to see how it compares!!


  1. I need a pedi too...so badly! I hope you have fun in town because it sounds super fun!

  2. So glad you joined us!!! Yay, YOU!! Funny how some things - reading outside - made everyone's list. Great minds. And everyone mentioned doing something for others. I bet the veterans do love your hand-me-downs. What a great way to help out. I need to go through my closet one more time. That goes along with my bucket list item of decluttering. Having my hairs (all of them) done on Friday. It is expensive to be a girl, no way around it. But feeling good about ourselves is big enough reward for spending that dinero. We are going to do a progress report on April 27 for our bucket lists. Can I count you in? XO

  3. The first one is my fav. get those tootsies ready pretty girl!!

  4. I went yesterday with my mama to get my toes ready for spring! In fact I may just break out the open toed shoes today! It's gorgeous here! Reading outside made my list too! And eating outside will happen as well! We ate dinner in the backyard last night! That is going on my list as well. I am going to clean out the attic! Maybe if you schedule a visitor then it would motivate you to clean it out? Haha! Great list!

  5. I've been getting our home Spring and Summer ready. I have to have a clean space for those seasons because we are so busy, I can't devote as much time to it as I'd like.

  6. Great list! I need a pedicure so bad - but I'll probably wait until we're closer to Toronto!

  7. I am so overdue for a pedicure I shudder when I look at my sandals. I've got to put that on the list for next week.


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