Monday, February 4, 2019

TBB Asks: Relationships!

It's time for another round of TBB Asks!  Given that it's almost Valentine's Day, this month we're focusing on relationships! This is gonna be fun!!  Lots of love for my Blended Blog Tribe!!

1- Who is your oldest friend and how did you meet?
Well this is Mel....
You've seen her many, many times on the blog and I even wrote a whole post about her here!  Our friendship is now over 35 years old.  We met as babies when Mel's mom was walking her in her stroller around the block!  Our moms struck up a conversation and here we are today!!  Mel is like my parents fifth daughter!  And for years growing up, all my sisters baby-sat her at one point or another. They are all married with kids, but we joke ours is the longest running relationship...which is actually not a joke!  HA!!

2- Who are your people?
Honestly, I'm very lucky...I have a lot of people who are a great source of support to me.  My family and best friend Mel are my biggest supporters.  I have my school friends, many of whom after so many years have grown to be like family to me. I have my TBB Girls who may have started out as virtual friends but, I'm so glad we get to be friends in real life now. And I have my "townie" friends who I've probably known the shortest amount of time,but see most often these days! I've always joked that I have sets of friends, and very rarely do those friends inter-mingle...but as I've gotten old, the intermingling has started to happen!!  LOL  I am so grateful to all the people around me!

3- How did you meet your partner?  #ForeverSingle!!

4- How is Valentine's Day celebrated in your home?
Usually I'm home on my couch with a bottle of WINE!  This Valentine's Day I'll be at the Podiatrist!!  But he's not bad there's that!! It's the little things people!!

5- What's your love language?
I guess I don't really have one...I just do my best to surround myself with people who are kind and genuine!

6- Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates?
I really enjoy flowers.  I'm a big chocolate girl so, I can have that anytime.  If I receive flowers it's definitely a special treat!!

7- What the most special gift you've ever given or received?
This is really hard because there are so many gifts that I've received that are special to me.  And I save everything, so I have them.  I think because it's most fresh in my memory, I'd have to say that the throw blanket my mom had made with all my concert tees is super special to me.  Because we've been talking about making it for YEARS!!!!  And this Christmas it finally became a reality!!

Get ready for more fun in February on The Blended Blog!!

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  1. bahahahahah, the podiatrist is hot! Love it. You crack me up.

  2. You crack me up! You have to sneak a pic of that Dr 😉

  3. Thank goodness for hot podiatrists! I love how this celebrates the love of friends and family. Sometimes those relationships can be richer than a romantic one.

  4. How fun your mom made you a quilt of your concert tees. I haven't even been to that many! I love that you call them your Townie friends, that's so funny.

  5. Have fun at the podiatrist! You are kind and generous so you deserve to have those people in your life!

  6. Your friend Mel sounds amazing, I love those friends who are family, you are so blessed to have one another!

  7. What a cool throw blanket. I would love one like that since I used to go to so many concerts!


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