Monday, March 16, 2015

That weekend I gained 10 pounds...

So this weekend I didn't do much!  Basically I did not see another human being! #solitarylifeprobs  Why is it that I did something every single night last week and had no plans this entire weekend!!  I go in spurts really, I guess!  I either have nothing to do, or plans both days!  Big doings next weekend though!

But back to this weekend!!  In Friday's post, I mentioned that I started receiving Hello Fresh delivery! I got lots of great feedback and questiions about it in the comments. Thanks.  The weekend was spent making the rest of those meals and then some.

Friday I was super excited to get home, throw on my sweats, pour the wine and start making meal #2! (I might have started at getting home early on Fridays!)  The second meal was a spinach, sun-dried tomato chicken penne dish.
The meals come packaged with all the ingredients for each meal in a bag!  
Super easy to figure out what goes with what.  

Really good!  And another really easy one-pot meal (with the exception of the pasta, cooking first!!) I always get a little iffy when I cook chicken in a skillet but it worked.  Wish I took a picture of it all as it was cooking but I forgot. I also realized that I definitely need a bigger skillet.  The last thing you do before adding the cooked pasta to the skillet was add the spinach.  You're supposed to add it all, but I had lots left over.  Eventually adding EVERYTHING to the skillet in the end, it was overflowing!
I had a ton of this leftover!  It was really yummy!!

Saturday was really rainy!  So I decided to bust out my crock pot.  In my Peapod order earlier in the week, I got all the ingredients to make a recipe that Mel at The Larson Lingo posted a few weeks back, Crock Pot Chicken Tacos.  Only three ingredients!  It's kind of like the Salsa Chicken I make, but kicks it up a notch, literally.  The taco seasoning really gives it a kick.  And the chicken is shredded for tacos. Find the recipe on Mel's website {here}  I had even more of this leftover.  I really have to invite people over when I cook!

My taco fixin's included some of the spinach salad I had left over from my dinner Friday, shredded cheese (the mexican blend) and sour cream.  I wrapped it all up in a burrito.  YUM!!

Sunday I made two meals! Three, if you count the breakfast burrito I made with eggs and the rest of the spinach! 

For lunch, I made my third and final Hello Fresh meal of the week!!  A Greek Flatbread pizza.  I'll be honest, this was the first homemade pizza I ever made.  I did ok, not great, with the dough.  Two thumbs up to Hello Fresh for suggesting using a wine bottle to roll out the dough, if you don't have a rolling pin!  This wasn't difficult, just a lot to chop and cut up.  I also should not have left this for last.  Some of my tomatoes had to be discarded!  
Looks a little wonky, but it tasted great!!  Mad this is the only picture I took!!

When it's done you top the pizza with the romaine lettuce coated in balsamic vinegar.  You can't really see the rest of the ingredients but there's grape tomatoes, garlic, red onions, feta, mozzerella, and artichokes, under there! 

For dinner I had a piece of salmon that I had to eat before I couldn't anymore.  Anytime I make salmon, I wrap it in a foil pack to steam it.  This is my go-to method.  I topped it with a honey balsamic dressing and baked it on 400 degrees for 20 mins.  So easy.

I had this with a side of lemon shrimp risotto I brought home from Meetball.

I'll be honest, I couldn't finish this all, even though it was really good! 

I feel like all I did was eat these last three days!!  I may not have gained 10 pounds but it certainly feels like I did!  I am getting another Hello Fresh Delivery today and am looking forward to more delicious meals.  But I might have to skip next week...I need a break from all this food!! I would definitely recommend Hello Fresh.  To try it and get $40 off your first box like I did, use code: LYY428

Have a happy Monday!!

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  1. All of that food looks so good! Have a great week!

  2. Wow all that food looks so good!

  3. That pasta looks delicious! Looks like you had a weekend full of great food!

  4. Oh my goodness! So the only difference between your weekend and mine is that you made your food--lol! I think I gained 10 lbs too! But the food looks delish--can't wait to order mine.

  5. We always do that too - weekends with so much to do, and then the next one there's nothing! Everything you made looks delicious!

  6. looks such a great weekend! I'll be looking out for the recap of this past one. Good time to take alone-time and good to be social. You have to know which one is right for you at the time.


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