Friday, March 13, 2015

Was anyone else a little OFF this week!?!?

Holy Cow FRIDAY!!  I thought you'd never get here!!
But my favorite thing about Friday?!?  Sharing the week that was with all of you!

This was a rough week...I was just totally off!!  I think it's this Spring Forward business!  It's too dark in the morning!  But on the bright side, I'm loving the "lighter later" aspect! I was also really busy each night this week, which is good too.  But now that Friday's here, I'm just counting down the hours til school's over today, I get home, and can curl up on my couch with wine in hand!!!!   This made me laugh when I saw it over the weekend!!

I'm all for THIS!!  Who's with me?? 

Finally a little spring-like weather this week!!  It's not as warm as I would like but it was beautiful on Monday and on Wednesday we even hit the upper 50's!  It was so nice!!  And I've found that my mood is greatly improved when it's sunny and warmer!  I'm getting happier!! And I got to wear something other than my rain boots and a sweater dress!!  Ha!!  YAY for red pixie pants being in the mix this week!!

This week I got my first Hello Fresh delivery! It's a weekly delivery service that sends you all the ingredients for three meals (for 2) a week.  All I need to do is cook them!  I decided to try it after throwing out about $100 in groceries! And I had a coupon for $40 off my first delivery (SCORE!) I liked the idea of just getting exactly what I needed to make the meals and having no waste. I also liked that you can skip weeks and there's no commitment, you can cancel at any time. I only made one of the three meals so far this week (probably not smart eating out three nights the first week of meals!!), but I thought it was really good. I'm making the rest of the meals this weekend. I liked next week's food options too, so I'm trying it again.  To try Hello Fresh and get $40 off your first box like I did, use referral code: LYY428
The week's food packaged up in separate bags for each meal.
One pot meal!
The Finished Product!

A few Fridays back I mentioned that I received my first Influenster #VoxBox in the mail!!  #XOVoxBox I have been using the complimentary products I received  to test and review!!  Lots of fun new stuff!!  Eventually I'll get my review post together of all the products, but I just had to tell you all about the Tide Pods with Febreze I got!!! 
Is it sad that I was most excited to receive these in my box??  
I've used them a few times and am just loving them.  I've been using Tide Pods since I moved into my house because it came with a front load washer.  These little pods kick it up a notch.  They smell awesome, everything is still nice and fresh, even today!  And those red pixie pants I mentioned above!  Still like new after watching and drying them with the Tide Pods with Febreze!!  No fading!!  Woo hoo!  With totally be buying these from now on!  Definitely worth the little extra!!

I've been listening to this album all week!  I just love Ed Sheeran!  What a cutie!!
Totally recommend it for your weekend listening...

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Ok I totally think we were separated at birth!!! Listened to Ed Sheerhan all week! Let's be besties 😉. I'm very intrigued by the food delivery service. I find myself throwing out food every week and it disgusts me so I'm definitely going to look into this especially since there's a coupon! Happy Friday!

  2. OFF weeks suck, so here's to a big glass of red and an ON week for you!

    1. Praying next week is better Deena!! And it's five and I'm on my second glass of red!! LOL Have a great weekend friend!!

  3. haha really though why can't we turn the clocks ahead at 4pm on a friday?! and yess longest week of my life....

  4. Thanks for sharing Hello Fresh. I think I may try it out, too!

  5. My week was definitely off too! Thanks for the review of Hello Fresh - I think it sounds very interesting. Love Ed Sheeran! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Lana,
      Yes, Hello Fresh is really yummy!! Would Definitely recommend giving it a try! Have a great weekend too!!

  6. Hope the weekend helps you to get back on track. Will be trying the Tide pods. How do you get products to allow you to review them? I have never heard of Hello, Fresh. Do they send entire meals ready-to-cook or just produce? Sometimes I feel like I live on another planet here in El Paso.

  7. I enjoy Ed Sheehan songs as well - although I must admit, I like them best when my son sings them! I am going to check into Hello Fresh - curious if you can get quantities for more than 2 servings. Hope your weekend has been great, and next week the mornings will be a little lighter!

    1. Hi Susan! Love that Ed Sheeran comment about your son!! Hello Fresh also offers 4 servings! It's a lot of food!! And they give you everything you need!! YAY for lighter mornings! Have a great week!

  8. When the time changes, our maintenance man at work comes and changes the clocks at like 3:30 on Friday and I've always thought that was just so cruel! Love me some Ed Sheeran!

  9. We were definitely "off" this week! I feel like Juliet and I were both just tired this whole past week and I'm not really quite back on track yet. Your meal look like they turned out great!

    Thanks for linking up again this week :)


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