Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Already?!?!

I never say this but as far as weeks go, this was a pretty quick one!!  YAY!!  One day closer to the weekend!!  Here are some highlights of the week!!

I just really like good people!  
In last Friday's post, I mentioned getting my first Hello Fresh delivery. Well Monday was my second.  And it was delivered to the WRONG address.  And not just the wrong door in my complex, the complete wrong address...three miles away!!  The addresses are not even that similar and since I'm too new still to be on GPS and maps, delivery people think this is the address.  Things have been delivered to this address before, but not a perishable food delivery!!  So this sweet lady spent her day tracking me down.  I wasn't home when she came by with it so she left a pretty big note and her number at the bottom.  I called her that night, expressing my thanks, and sent her a thank you note in the mail with a little treat inside.  She called me yesterday, to say that, that was really unnecessary but it totally made her day.   Someone had rear-ended her car and she was having a bad day and my note and gift card was just the pick me up she needed!
I was also really surprised this week when my co-worker brought me a jar of Victoria sauce to try, and thankful to another work friend who sewed buttons on my pants for me!!  HAHAHAHAHA 

Speaking of Hello Fresh.... 
One of this week's meals!  This one was SUPER easy!!  And really good.  And this was my first time ever cooking pork.  It was Pork with Butternut Squash with Broccolini.  Loved the sage butter on top of the pork!!  
I also got a taco meal that I made on Monday.  I sorta cheated on it , using the leftover crockpot salsa chicken!  But still very good!

St. Patrick's Day!
As far as St. Patrick's Days go, this year was pretty lame-o!  In the past I've gone to the city and the parade with my cousins. Or I've at least taken off!!  (I've written a strongly worded letter to the Pope asking him to consider making this day a Holy Day of Obligation, so us Catholic School teachers can have off!) My cousins have since all moved away!  We had a St. Paddy's Day reunion of sorts in February when we went to see our favorite Irish band play a reunion concert!  So that softened the blow a little bit!!  HA!! It was a low key day!  No Guinness, no Jameson, no Baileys!  Just red wine....

The extent of my St. Patrick's Day

So basically I've just started and finished this show!!  So good!!  Really well done.  And a lil bit CRAY!! Anyone else watching?

Currently Reading
I'm working my way through this list this year.  One of the books to read is a book from your childhood.  I still might do that because there were so many great books I loved as a young girl.  For now though, I'm just reading a book for kids!  Being a elementary librarian I thought Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library might just be perfect.  After I read it, I'm going to add it to the school library.

Also linking up with my girls, the Style Me Bloggers today!!  We're talking Spring Trends!  Head on over and check it out!!

Have a great weekend all! Cheers!

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  1. Happy Friday! I had a lame-o St Patty's Day too. Don't feel bad! Have a relaxing weekend girl!

  2. Mu hubby loves pork but I rarely cook it... your dish sounds delish though!

  3. So glad that even though your yummies were delivered to someone so far from the correct address, they still made it to you! How neat that in return you were also able to make that lady's day too! :) Hope you enjoy a fantastic first weekend of spring, Katie! xo

  4. Hey Katie! Glad your fresh food found you or you caught up with it before it was no longer fresh. I pinned your suggested children's book. Have so many great titles on my to-read list and read so darn slowly. Thank you for sharing!


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