Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My favorite room!

Linking up today for another edition of Show and Tell Tuesdays with Andrea at Momfessionals! Today we're supposed to show you our favorite room in the house!  This is a little tricky for me! In Condo living, the kitchen and living space are all connected!  So I'm just gonna go ahead and call my favorite room in the house the Great Room!

This is pretty much how it is...
Looking out from my kitchen into the living room, one would probably say, the living room is in front of the kitchen, technically speaking but It's all one room!  LOL

Now if you're a regular reader, you know I DO NOT Cook, but I gotta say I just LOVE my little kitchen.  I love the wide counter tops and my deep sink. Eating alone most of the time, I sit at the counter more than at my kitchen table.  My favorite feature in my kitchen though is probably the collection of wine cork holders I have above my cabinets!  It makes it really "homey" I feel!

My living room area is also a fave.  Living this solitary life I do, I spend the most time in here.  I don't spend too much time in my bedroom, because I feel like it's far away (if that makes sense!)  Honestly, I just sleep there!  HA!  I like spending most of my time in the living area because it's spacious and open!  I have a comfy couch that I watch TV on, work on my blog on, and read on! 

These chevron chairs might be my favorite things in the room!

Last year I participated in Andrea's What's On Series where I went into more detail about what's on the walls of this space too!  Check it out {here}!  This is where I've decorated most and can show off a bit of who I am in the house to visitors.

I like that the great room is a space where everyone who visits can spend time, be comfortable and enjoy!  And because it's just me here, I can do the same when I'm alone!  I hope you enjoyed a little taste of my home! 

Until next time....


  1. Oh my word, we are soul sisters!!! I am LOVING the chevron chairs--where are they from? And let me tell you---I totally understand about the bedroom being too far away---mine is upstairs and there are many a nights where I just feel that climbing my steps would be like accomplishing the first base camp at Mt. Everest. Very cute--love your place!

  2. Those chevron chairs are sooo cute. I want them.

  3. I think those chevron chairs are my favorite too!

  4. I love those chairs! So cute!!


  5. Yes, those chairs are great! I love open concept floor plans!

  6. Those Chevron chairs! Whew! So gorgeous :-)

  7. I'm loving those Chevron chairs!!

  8. Love the chevron chairs and wine rack!

  9. Your home is beautiful! I really like those chevron chairs.

  10. I love your condo! Your kitchen looks so pretty and spacious! :)


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