Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter was way more fun....

Home today for another SNOW DAY!!  Even though the calendar says March 5th, things are not looking up for us at ALL!!  The third snow "event" (thank you weatherman for that one!) has dumped a fresh 6-8 inches around these here parts!!)  Condo living affords me the luxury of sitting on my couch and blogging while the plow and pay load drivers and shovelers do the work for me. They all must be making a KILLING this Winter. I for one am so over this.  I was not made for this!  Sure I do my best to bundle up in my scarves, hats and gloves, and still look cute, but I was not made for this weather.  I was made for MEXICO.

The custodian at my school is our unofficial weatherman. He always jokes with me about the weather and I tell him I'm moving to Mexico.  The other day he told me he's had enough of this weather too and was coming with me to Mexico...and would pay for the whole trip!!  Now he asks me everyday, when I'm asking him for his credit card number!  TOMORROW will be that day!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Now I know this might sound like a contradiction, but I don't ever remember being OVERLY EXCITED about the snow, but I do know one thing is for was WAY MORE FUN when I was a kid!!

When I was a kid, my Poppy, my Dad's dad,  had a home in East Durham, NY where it snowed ALL the time!!  We spent Winter Recess (and my birthday) up there for so many years and there was always so much snow. I absolutely didn't mind the snow here!! HA!  Behind the house was nothing but woods and I remember us snowmobiling and sledding down this huge hill...for hours!! We'd have massive snow ball fights!  Sometimes, even though it wasn't the safest thing in the world, my dad and uncle would hitch the sleds up to the back of the snowmobiles and we'd  go spinning around around that way too!  It was such a thrill as a little kid going down that hill and such a blast!!
Once though, and only once, it wasn't fun, when my sled veered off course and into branches that cut my face up and landed way to close to my eye!!  LOL.

After fun days in the snow, all the kids would come in, drink hot cocoa (while the adults had something stronger!) and play...and argue, I'm sure!!

This is very random, but I have a memory of all of us sitting around my Poppy's very small TV and watching Days of Our Lives and my Uncle Ed all of a sudden busting out "Like Sands through the hour are the Days of Our Lives"...that got us all laughing!  Was Uncle Ed a closet Days watcher?!?!

Now that I'm recalling all this, it kinda of makes me wish we still had that place in East Durham so that my nieces and nephews could enjoy it!  I'm also wishing that shutterfly was around in those days so I had pics to share!

Back to reality...I'm home again...cozy in my house as the snow falls, NOT having to use the sick day that was planned, today.  Seriously...every sickness known to man, I have had this winter!!!  Ugh!!  I'll do some blogging, some reading, realxing, and clean out my DVR.  Has anyone watched Secrets and Lies?  I have the first two eps on my DVR!  And looking forward to tomorrow...FRIDAY!!  Silver Linings people!!  Silver Linings!!

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  1. snow + wine = perfect cozy night.

    1. Definitely on tap for this evening!! For now though, there may be a little summin' summin' in my coffee!! :)

  2. I'm down for Mexico! When are we going?!? Ole!

  3. Love this! You must have some wonderful memories from all of your trips with your family. Being the Texas girl I am I always wanted snow every year. Now I could do without it! I'm all about heading out to Mexico with you! I was not made for the cold. I recorded Secrets & Lies too and watched it. I'm on the fence about it. I like it but I wasn't glueded to it from the start. I hope that makes sense. I'm sticking with it for now. I hope you enjoy your day off!

  4. Hope you feel better! I wish I had snow days! My husband is a slave driver I tell ya! lol! We actually didn't get any of the snow they were calling for. Just super low temps. At this rate I would take the snow over the gigantic mounds of ice on the road.
    But yes, tomorrow is Friday! And the weather is "supposed" to improve next week :)

  5. :( I just hate winter. Let's go to Mexico. Get his cc #!

  6. I'm so sorry you're sick again, and I'm so sorry there's snow again! We haven't had a single flake of snow this winter, and I do miss a good snow day! Being stuck at home for a few days sounds great right now!


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