Thursday, March 26, 2015


Random but thought provoking....

Joining Vanessa at X-tremely-V  and Penny at Penny's Passion for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! Thinking this is kinda perfect for today!!

Yesterday after school during Homework Club, a 4th grader, who, in all honesty tests my patience EVERY SINGLE DAY, constantly talking and fooling around instead of doing his homework, asked me a very interesting question.

In an odd moment of quiet, he asked, quite matter-of-factly, “Where's your paradise?”

I thought for a second, without looking up from what I was doing, kinda thinking he wasn't asking ME. But after another second or two I looked up and he was staring at me. I asked him if he was asking me and chuckled a little, and said, “not here, that's for sure!!” And the kids and I laughed together about that for a few minutes!

Then I thought about it seriously and told him that was a really great question. I would have to think about it some more. So we all went back to work.
I heard this boy whisper, “My paradise is between a peanut butter sandwich. Nah, my paradise is on the soccer field, shooting a goal.” When he saw me looking at him again, he told me some things on his bucket list. He'd like to swim with fishes, climb a mountain, etc. Apparently, he has 2 bucket lists. One he knows he can complete and one he know he absolutely never will. I told him that just the fact that he has two bucket lists in fourth grade, is wonderful and he should reach for the stars, because you never know what you can do if you just try!  

But now I can't stop thinking about my own paradise. Where would it be? I'm not sure but have a few thoughts about it....

It could be anywhere were my family is.

I'm pretty sure I spent a few minutes in paradise when I went parasailing with my bestie, flying high above Labadee looking up at a bright, blue, cloudless sky for miles and miles!!

Maybe it's a night filled with hours of gossip, laughs and wine with my girls!

If I'm thinking like my 4th grade friend, my paradise could very well be in a vat of coffee, with sushi, peanut butter and chocolate! HA!!

OR Perhaps I've been living this solitary life to long... but is it wrong of me to think it that paradise could be me, home alone, sitting on my couch curled up in my bladigan, binge-watching Netflix and sippin' on red wine?!? LOL

Every night when I finally get into bed, I think ahhhhhh...maybe that's paradise! I just love my bed...

My paradise just might be on a beach in Mexico in a hammock reading my book and doing a little day drinking.

Or on any beach really! Listening to the waves crash and relaxing with the hot sun on my face.

Maybe my paradise here on Earth has yet to come...

So....where's your paradise?? Share it with me in the comments!!

Have a happy Thursday!!


  1. What a fabulous thought topic. I think your paradise is coming!!!! Now I'm pondering what mine is....hmmmmmmm. I may have to blog on this sometime!

  2. This is such a great post! It is something to think about that is for sure. I am with you I think my paradise would be anywhere with my family.

    Thanks for giving me something to think about :)

  3. Oh I LOVE this post! I'm not sure what my paradise, I guess it would be different for different days, like when my kids are driving me crazy, it's a get-a-away with Mr. or a weekend away with girlfriends. For most other times, it would be going on vacation with my family. Such a great question...I think I'll have to think about that one too.

  4. Such a great question! It really does make you think! Not sure I could narrow it down right now, but I am definitely going to try!

  5. My paradise is a summer's evening on the deck, watching the sunset, sipping a beer and clam and reading a book.

  6. Great topic! We are all looking for our own piece of paradise in this world..for some of us or a life time others every day we get home from work and seek to unwind! I'm glad you can find paradise in the little things in life!

  7. My friend blogs about finding those pieces of paradise. I love finding those in my life

  8. I love this Katie! I think my paradise is anywhere on a beach with my family all around.

  9. What a fabulous topic and post! I think my paradise is anywhere with my family although I can totally feel you when you talk about having alone time sipping wine :)


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