Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sing Along with this Saturday Six!

Kenny Chesney is Summer for me!!  And since I'm headed to his concert tonight I thought I'd share some of my favorite Kenny tunes.  It was really hard to narrow it down to just 6...I just love so many!!  Feel Free to go grab your coffee and get ready to rock out for a little while!  Even if you're not a country fan , I think you'll enjoy it!

Never Wanted Nothing More
I wrote about the chorus of this song during the blog quote challenge!  Read about why I love it here!

 Beer in Mexico
The lyrics just speak to me!  HA!!  I've had many a beer laying in a hammock, contemplating life on the beaches of Mexico!

I Go Back
The way that Kenny sings of old songs taking him back through certain times in his life, his songs do that same for me!!

Come Over...just a hot song!!!
American Kids
A song from Kenny's newest Album.  A throwback if you will!  And the lyrics "a little messed up  but we're all alright" truer words!! 
   Actually these are pretty true lyrics too!!  Everybody wanna to Go to Heaven, but nobody wanna go now!!   See that video here!

Because like I said, Kenny is SUMMER!!  And in video you get a taste for a Kenny Stadium show!

In honor of pre-season football and the show being at a stadium tonight, I thought I'd leave you with a bonus video.  Boys of Fall is another one of my faves. The video is a little long but it's snippits of a collaboration Kenny did with ESPN back in 2013. Definitely worth the watch.  Makes me wish I lived in a Friday Night Lights town!!
Boys of Fall 

If you made it this far with me, WHHEEEEWWWW!!  And THANK YOU!!!  Have a happy Saturday...I know I will.
Off to the tailgate!!  


  1. I Go Back and Summertime are totally on my ipod. My faves of his. He totally represents summer to me too. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Come Over, yes. And his newest release, yes!

  3. Lucky duck! Have a blast. Is Mel going, too? What a great way to close out the summer. Are you closing out the summer yet? We go back to work on Monday. When do you guys report to school? Enjoy!!

  4. I LOVE all of those songs! Boys of Fall is near and dear to my heart because of my guy! I hope you had a blast. I cannot wait to see pics!

  5. LOVE Kenny Chesney. I haven't seen him in concert yet, but my son has been twice. Wait, how did that happen? Hope you had a blast!

  6. fun! Love Kenny Chesney and all of your choices.


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