Friday, August 21, 2015


Linking up with the Style Me Bloggers to share who and what inspires me!  I find inspiration in many things...teachers, friends, music, the sunshine, the pages of a great book, old journals, good people!  But for me the short answer is this...

My family!

Now I know this week on the blog has been kind of "family heavy".  But it's just the way it worked out.  And if you've been reading the blog for any amount of time you know that these are "my people" and I don't have many others!  LOL

When you're a little girl, you want to be your big sisters.  Each of my sisters has taken a different path in life (actually Tara and Meghan's is pretty similar these days!) but through it all they have each shown courage, strength, beauty, and determination.  And have become wonderful mothers and wives to boot!  Being the "little sister" that is certainly something to look up to! These days I don't want to be them, but they very much inspire me to be a better person and live my best life.   And they often tell me I'm doing it right...

My mom and dad have been married for 44 years.  And I know those 44 years have not been the easiest.  But they never gave up...on each other, on their marriage or our family.  These days that's rare, unfortunately.  My mom sometimes gets mad when I say I don't want to get married.  She's tells me she and my Dad are a good example.  And she is absolutely right.  I am inspired by their love for one another and their willingness to let the other be themselves.  They are two VERY different people.  My mom is a social butterfly. My dad, not so much.  But they enjoy each other's company.  Good thing too, because now they're both retired and spend all their time together!! 

My family inspires me to be a better person...but also let's me be me, which I appreciate because in all honesty, it's not always easy!  But then again what life is!!

I'm sad that today is the last ever link-up with the Style Me Bloggers!  But I am happy to say we are on to BIGGER and BETTER things as a group!!  Because coming Fall 2015 our collective, The Blended Blog, makes it's debut!  Please stayed tuned for that!  And speaking of inspiration...This group of blog friends that we have formed over the last year and half  has really inspired me as well.  Because of them I've been inspired to blog more, be more thoughtful about my posts, and grow my blog.  I have enjoyed getting to know them and can't wait to see what this new chapter of ours becomes!
Cheers to The Blended Blog!! 

But for now go check out what they are all inspired by!!

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Happy Friday!!
It's one of the LAST of SUMMER....I have a stomach ache  :(


  1. 44 years! That's awesome. My parents have been together I believe 43? 42? Somewhere around there!

  2. I love that you have 3 sisters, sisters are the best.

  3. yes cheers to The Blended Blog, I love reading about your family, they seems very similar to mine and I love that. I wish we lived closer!

  4. Your family is darling! Can't wait to see The Blended Blog!!! :)

  5. I love that your parents have been married for 44 years! That is very encouraging and inspiring. Summer being over = stomach ache made me smile!

  6. I wish I had sisters!! Well I have a stepsis but that didn't happen until later in life and she lives in another country... not quite the same. Glad you're family is so close and wow 44 years!!!

    Blended Blog, here we come!

  7. Fabulous post. I wish I had a sister. Oh well, that didn't happen! xo Amanda

  8. I take it, by your stomachache that you start school this week? It's gonna be good. Just get out your calendar and plug in all of your holidays, and days off, spring break and Christmas and you can do this!!! Love that your family is your inspiration. Mine truly is my inspiration, too. And apparently helping others. Who knew! Love you!

  9. I can totally see why your family is so inspiring to you - they seem amazing! You are definitely a blogging friend who inspires me, and I'm so glad I've gotten to "know" you! Have a great weekend!

  10. Your family sounds great! Excited to hear more about The Blended Blog! :)

  11. Family is a huge source of inspiration. Sounds like you have a fantastic, loving family to inspire you. Thanks for sharing more about them!


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