Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Thursday Randoms

Linking up with Vanessa and Penny today for Thinking Out Loud! 

Sharing more totally random thoughts and confessions for this Thursday!

This cutie is my new celebrity crush! 
Austin Stowell is an actor in a new show Public Morals that premieres on  TNT August 25th.  Ed Burns is in it as well.  Looking forward to it.

I tried the layered necklace trend....I think I did ok...but not 100% sure I'll ever do it again!  Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

The top to my Kuerig is broken.  But every time I slam it down and get it to work on the first try, I feel accomplished!

The sound of landscapers at 7:30 in the morning pisses me off!

I sometimes use my washer as a hamper!  Please tell me I'm not alone in this!!

The fact that I'll be back at school in less than 2 weeks gives me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach!!  

I probably won't make my {6 books this summer} goal.  Even though I am THIS CLOSE!

Drunk Texting anyone is never a good idea....that is all.

I heard a story on the news that homes that have a Trader Joe's in their town, cost more money.  I always wished there was a Trader Joe's closer to me but my thoughts: WTF!! I found it online here!

I get most of my news from Facebook.

And on that note I probably should tell you all I Google EVERYTHING!!!

Sometimes I do absolutely nothing....and am completely ok with it...

Share your random with me in the comments below!
Have a happy Thursday!  Cheers!


  1. Oh yeah. Do not text while drunk.
    There should be someone designated to remove your phone from your hand!

  2. I think you did great laying those necklaces -- super cute look! I've yet to do it myself, maybe I'll think of you and give it a go! ;) Loving that last quote -- YES, doing nothing can be the best way to spend a lit'l free time!! :) Have a great day!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  3. Bahahaha i was like yep, me too, abd laughing the while time while reading!!!! Xo girl!

  4. Bahahaha i was like yep, me too, abd laughing the while time while reading!!!! Xo girl!

  5. Yeah texting and FB shouldn't be allowed when drinking! been there done that! LOL
    I layer necklaces and sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't but yours looked cute!

  6. Haha! Early morning landscapers are the worst!! So not a pleasant way to wake up!

  7. Girl, drunk texting...been there, done that! And for some reason I'm always super emotional in the text!!! Shoot me now! And I thought everyone used their washer as a hamper?!? 😉

  8. I think you did a great job on the layered necklaces! And I'm with you on the drunk texting...I need my phone pried out of my hands after a cocktail or two!

  9. I like the necklace and he's definitely a looker!
    lol about drunk texting, so never good but cant stop!

  10. I agree with so many of these things. I am so sad the simple life of summer is ending and school is starting. I also get a lot of my news updates from Facebook and Twitter. There is nothing wrong with using the washer as a hamper...that is just being efficient!

  11. I've never seen/heard of that guy before, but yes he is very cute. Drunk texting is never advised, but can be so much fun :)

  12. bahahha, I can't say I've ever drunk texted...gonna add it to my must do list, sounds like something I would have fun doing. Muahahahaha.


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