Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Monthly Rewind: July in Numbers!

August...the dreaded August already!!  July flew by!!  How can it already be time for a recap post?!?!

But it is indeed and I am going to relish the last bit of July I can composing this post!  :) I'm linking up with Deena at Shoes to Shiraz for her Monthly Numbers post!  So much fun!!

May in Numbers

June in Numbers

July in Numbers:

3 Books finished!  YAY!!  Two more than last month!!
Eight Hundred Grapes was by far my favorite....I read it in one day!!!

3 Birthdays celebrated!  We celebrated Amy on turning 6 on July 9tth with a family party on the 4th.  And went out to celebrate my sister's birthday...even though her birthday is June 30, on July 2.  My Aunt also had a birthday in July so we celebrated her on the 30th.

All those birthdays, lunches and dinners with friends totaled 17 for the month!  I actually said last month that I thought my twelve meals out in June were a lot and this month it's 17!!  YIKES!! That also adds up to a ton of money spent on food and drink!  I did however go to IHOP for breakfast once ...which I never do! LOL

2 Hello Fresh Deliveries this month and one on June 29th meant I made 8 Hello Fresh Meals in July!
Carolina BBQ Sliders were hands down my favorite Hello Fresh meal!!  Perfect for Summer and perfect with a beer or two on a Friday night!

4 Days with house guests My cousin and her husband came and stayed with my for a few days.  So glad to see them, even if it wasn't under the best of circumstances!

1 trip to the beach Boooo...this is too low of a number! But after so much rain in June, lots of sunny days in July meant lots of time out on the postage stamp patio!

1 Concert attended My friend and I saw Bret Michaels at a local park near us.  He's not usually my thing but I had a great time...can't wait til next year.  Read about it here.

Basically the month of July was all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!  It began on July 9th for Nordstrom Cardholders.  So that meant three full weeks of shopping fun!!  I can't really tally my total here because I've made returns and things but I will say that during the sale I placed 9 online orders. And they all probably came in 87 different boxes.  I really should have tallied the number of times the UPS man came to my house!!

A bit about the blog in July

22- number of posts this month.  The most ever in a month since I've started!
Thanks to everyone who tagged me to do posts!!

Most viewed post in July: You Can Still Love Fridays

Post with the highest reach on The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life Facebook Page: A fun and festive 4th
Not many new likes on the FB page but I realized I have to get better about posting on there.  Amanda from A Brownie World has a really fun, active page on Facebook where she posts more than post links.  I need to do that too!

64 pics posted to insta!  Follow me here!

Catch up on all the posts you might have missed in July here!

Another month in the books....where is the year going?!?  Enjoy these last weeks of summer!!


  1. Bret Michaels! That's so cool! We went to see Rick Springfield a few years ago for my birthday. I highly recommend seeing him if you ever have the chance. He sounds great live and he's still a hunk for an "old guy."

  2. I agree - how is it August already? You need to get yourself to the beach :)!

  3. Hey girl I saw my name! You rock! I love your blog so much. Way to go on all the achievements for July. Beach time is needed girl, I'm headed down for a week if you were closer I'd say c'mon down! xoxoxox Amanda

  4. that last few weeks of summer?????!!!!! How can that be already? Thanks for linking up!

  5. That birthday cake is like the prettiest cake I have ever seen!!! And my month has been about Nordstrom too....hard not to :)


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