Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: Mom's 65th Birthday Bash Edition!!

Wanted to get this post up earlier but didn't have a chance to write it!  I was so tired yesterday!  On Friday I mentioned my mom's birthday was Sunday!  What I didn't mention was that since she was 65, my dad, sisters, and I threw her a surprise party!  It was on Saturday night.  My mom will never fully admit that she wasn't surprised, but she really wasn't.  And it was probably the lamest of birthday "surprise shouts" of all time, because, no one really did that til it was too late, but regardless it all turned out great and everyone had a blast!!  Here's a few pics....

Mom thanking everyone for coming!!

My Family 
The Original 6

My bestie Mel is like my dad's fifth daughter!!  We've been friends since we were three and each of my sisters baby-sat her at one time!!!  

Following the party mostly everyone came back for cake and drinks at my mom and dad's place.  Mom's cake was a Bailey's cake...soooo yummy!!

Dad toasting mom!

After celebrating Mom with an "adults only party" out on Saturday, a Sunday brunch with the grandkids was in order.  Everyone gathered at my sisters for brunch and birthday gifts.  My mom is Nana to all these littles.

   My oldest nephew Billy was the Master of the Waffle Maker!!

Another toast to Mom on her real birthday!

I'd say all-and-all mom had a great birthday weekend!  65 looks great on her!!

Mom had to get her sister, my Aunt Laurie, to the airport by noon so the day wrapped up pretty early, which was ok with everyone.  We were so tired.  I actually came home and took a nap...something I never do!  And even after the nap, I was still asleep pretty early.  Right after Downtown!

Now it's already Monday night and I'm settled in for a snow day tomorrow!  Up to three feet of snow (yes, you read that right!) is expected!!  EKKKK!!!!  #ThankYouJUNO  I love me a Snow Day, but I really wasn't made for this weather...I'm made for MEXICO!!!  I'm ready though....
Who said bread and milk are the staples during a blizzard???  Wine and coffee are all I need!!
And I have books and movies to keep me company!  And I MUST take my tree down!!  LOL!!

Maybe there will even be a blog post tomorrow!!

Until then, stay warm and have a great night!

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  1. Your Mom looks amazing...I pray I look half that good at 65!
    Enjoy your snow day...just a few flurries here is all that is expected.

  2. I love how you celebrated your Mom. What a fun memory for you all. xo

  3. So much fun!!! What a great weekend!!

  4. That party looks like a blast! Stay warm this week!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom! Looks like she really enjoyed herself! I had fun looking through these pictures.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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