Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I Wore...while on Christmas Break!!

I am back at work now but the two weeks I had off for Christmas break were simply glorious!! I love time off because I can put away the “work” pants and get to spend most of my time in jeans!! I feel like a lot of people are not comfortable in jeans, but I kinda love them. I also spent of few days in leggings (of course!) and in my pj's too, because I ended up sick!! #insertsadfacehere

Here's a peek at some of the looks I pulled off during my break!!

The first two you saw in Friday's Pinspired post!

 I wore this for a lunch with my sister on the Monday after Christmas and for wine night with my friends that same night.  I had intended to change but never did!   I liked it so much!!

This outfit I actually wore twice last week!!  (It's all about who you see!  LOL)  This picture shows me in black leggings and gray riding boots.  But I also wore it with my gray leggings and cognac riding boots!

For Christmas Eve (because apparently, this is in not particular order AT ALL!)  I re-wore this sweater I purchased for the Winter Challenge.  To dress it up I wore my pointe pants and wedge booties!!. My cardigan was just warm and cozy for a gross day weather-wise!!!!

I was really excited to wear thisCheers sweater  (on sale!) on New Year's Eve! I thought it appropriate and added a lil sparkle with my bow necklace!! Jazzed up but a little bit still casual!
Not my best pic...but hey, I love this sweater!!
On Friday, I went to lunch with an old friend. It was chilly but not too bad, and nice and sunny so I opted for this tweed puffer vest over the sweater and chambray shirt. This sweater I got at Target back in September and have worn it a few times but it never ended up on the blog, due to the challenges!! The sweaters at Target this past Fall were really cute and I was able to score a few on sale. I ended up really liking this look! And was really warm in the fleece lined puffer!

Last but not least I thought I would show what i wore to a wedding on Sunday night...the last night before vacation officially ended!
I received this dress in my first ever Stitch Fix and it was the only thing I kept in that shipment...everyone needs a little black dress.  Got lots of compliments on this!  Wish I had more than just a selfie to share!!  I had intended on doing Stitch Fix review blogs last year but never got to it!  One of these days I'll put a post together of all the posts that never made it live!  

Hope everyone else is surviving this first week back!  LOL  Can't wait to see all the great looks linked up!!

Have FUN and Look FABULOUS!!

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  1. That tweed best is fabulous! I need to get one asap

  2. You looked pretty great during your two weeks off! Love your Christmas and New Year's outfits, and the black dress is gorgeous on you!

  3. OH i love your vest with the sweater and chambray, so cute! and your first outfit looks so cozy. You look great as always!

  4. Forget shopping, I am just going right to your closet! Love it all. You always look fabulous!!!

  5. You always look so cute! Love your sense of style. I want your closet!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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