Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I mentioned in my Friday 5 that I spent last week participating in Scarf Week.  I was perusing the "based on people you follow" section of Instagram and this picture popped out at me!

I clicked on it and found out that insta user bybmg was hosting scarf week from Sunday, January 9th through Saturday, Jan 18th.  I saw it in the knick of time!  I actually started on Monday!  Sunday was my usual boring day of laundry, lesson plans and the like, so I spent the day in my Blardigan!

I thought it'd be fun for What I Wore Wednesday to recap my scarves from the week!  Most pictures are just from the waist up (And my Instagram posts..Follow Me Here!)  On a typical work day I wear boring old trouser pants, especially in this horrible weather!

Monday:  It rained so I wore leggings, a tunic and my wellies! (Basically, my rainy day uniform!) I threw on my fur scarf (similar) to dress up the look!  The only bad part...I was shedding.  Thank goodness for masking tape at work!  I used it all day as my lint brush!  LOL

Tuesday: I went with fringe scarf for the frigid day we had!  I have this one in two colors and wear them both really often!

Wednesday:  I wore the blanket scarf to work and a meeting.  I pretty much wear this blanket scarf (nicknamed the BLARF by my family) every other day.  Scarf Week actually helped me switch it up!

Since I didn't participate Sunday and I went out to dinner with friends on Wednesday, I thought I'd rock the leopard infinity with this look!

Thursday: This scarf is actually one of my faves!!!  I got it over the summer (no longer available) and it feels like I've worn it at least a hundred times.  It's a very neutral scarf but has lots of color in it, so still goes with a lot.  This color sweater is good (I have lots of different versions of sweater/shirts in this color...thank you Loft.)  But it also looks great with soft pink, olive green, navy, etc.

Friday: I was happy for Friday to come and decided to wear this plaid scarf, with my boyfriend cardi and black pants to work!

Saturday:  The last day of Scarf Week!  #sadface!  But I went out with a bang!  I wore two scarves simultaneously that day!  I went to dinner in Brooklyn with friends, so I anticipated walking in the freezing cold.  I needed a scarf for function.  But I also wore an outfit in which the scarf pretty much made I wore two!  I gotta say, I was not cold!  LOL  One scarf for function, the other for fashion! Wish I had remembered to take a pic of me all bundled up!!

#SCARFWEEK was so much fun!  I realized all of these were infinity scarves!  Does anyone else think they are just THE EASIEST to throw on and go?!?  Obviously I'm a huge fan!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Can't wait to see what everyone's linked up!  See you back here Friday for another link up with my blogging besties!  We're talking 2015 Wish Lists!!  Plan to link-up with us too!!

Have FUN and Look FABULOUS!!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining in with scarf week! It was so fun, and so glad I made a new friend!


  2. Ha ha....BLARF! You do scarves so well!


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